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  • Suspension to perform at TRACK

    I'm planning to set my S14 up for track (time attack). I'm planning to focus on making the car handle well on track and daily drive the car. I don't mind how stiff the car is going to be when daily drive it. I want to get the best Full Coilovers for my car, because I want to do it right, the first time!!!

    What do you guys thing about these? Will this help me reach my goal of what I want to do on the track (time attack)?
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    Nothing from Japan/China/Taiwan is going to perform worth a crap compared to dampers that are actually used in race series (Koni, Bilstein, AST, JRZ, Penske etc.). The price range on those is huge, as well as performance potential.

    Given that you gave no information, I suggest you visit the Shock and Strut subforum here and read. This has been covered about a million times...

    Cliffs on what you'll find - get a Koni 8611 or 8610 setup using veilside180sx (Richard) housings. Spring rates for combination DD/track use will probably be 500-450 lb/in up front, 400-325 in the rear with some decent sways. This will be stiff, but very liveable on the streets when the shocks are turned down.

    Now go read, more than enough info out there to answer any questions you could have.
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