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Koni yellow adjuster tab stuck, HELP

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  • Koni yellow adjuster tab stuck, HELP

    Today for about 6 hours straight, me and my good friend installed koni yellows and rsr race springs on my 93 coupe, install went well,

    the only part we did not end up using was the locking nut as listed in the fsm, part number 17 in this diagram

    Test drove it, drives amazing, feels real solid and responsive, no more shaking, all shocks were adjusted to one turn from full soft except for the front drivers side

    THE PROBLEM: The drivers side front yellow; the adjuster is stuck, it rounded out the bottom "notch" on the included white koni firm adjuster, and believe me I was taking my time, just nothing could move it,

    things we tried

    driving it for a while, unfortunately it had just rained and cops were everywhere, so i dident get a chance to beat on it

    we tried using various types of needle nose, it put up a lot of resistance, so we did not want to risk breaking the adjuster tab, i feel that if it broke or koni would blame me for misuse

    tried using a 9mm long socket to turn the nut underneath it, lot of resistance, barely turned, so i stopped

    some suggestions from my freinds dad who is an ex-autocross champ, said that one shock might have been "sitting" for a while, i searched on google for koni yellow stuck, and came up with a ton of threads of a similar nature, i paged through the first few, with not much resulting in answers

    any thing else I can try???, I am going to call first thing tomorrow morning to see if they can send me another one, or what??

    One last ?: Are the yellows supposed to come with new bumpstops? I used my originals

    - Serebros
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    86 series come with bump stops, but the Yellows do not.
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      Try some light oil or penetrating lube down the adjuster rod area. The work it back and forth gently to try to free it. Ive had this free them up before.
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        fixed it!


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          You buy it a nice dinner, a little wine, then gently played with it until it decided to loosen up?
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            i actually did none of the above lol, i called chris at, he told me to call paul at koni (859-586-4100), paul said to use pliers/cresent wrench/nose, and force clockwise to soft even if it put up resistance ,if the adjustment tab broke, he said he would warrantee/cover it free of charge (even shipping), so with that said i took a assortment of pliers and went at it, luckily for me it turned!!!!, problem fixed, called paul back and hes sending me another adjustment knob free of charge (my original rounded out on the stuck shock) I used your advice after and soaked both front shock towers with wd40 just for the hell of it.


            - Serebros