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about to buy some shocks and springs

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  • about to buy some shocks and springs

    I am about to buy some shocks/springs for my s13 today, any last suggestions on springs or setup?

    Koni Yellows (Front and rear)
    RSR Race Springs (280lb front, 252lb rear)

    This is be my first major suspension upgrade, im really excited, just wanted to see any opinions before I jump the gun, also do i need to buy aftermarket bumpstops?

    Currently my car is

    1993 Coupe
    Circuit Sports Tension Rods
    Jonnie Fraz Tension Brace

    thats about it

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    plus a fat front sway bar


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      Originally posted by hai1206vn View Post
      plus a fat front sway bar
      Yes, I don't think you can go too big up front.
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        springs and shocks purchased =)

        thanks for all the info over the years guys!


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          Originally posted by Def View Post
          Yes, I don't think you can go too big up front.
          Hahahaha! When removing your sway bar is weight reduction. That's when your bar is too big.

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            "I don't care as long as the bar is big and hard."


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              That's what she said?

              Honestly, my front springs are kinda heavy, and I'm not sure I need a bigger front bar until I make the switch from summer tires to R-comps.
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                any suggestions on settings for my yellows with my springs


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                  Fronts you can play with. Rears, I would think 1/2-2/3 turn from full soft should be enough for those springs. I had 1/4 on my 14 when it had 3k rear springs. (3k = ~168lbs)