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s14 bmc question

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  • s14 bmc question

    Hi everyone

    ive got a huge problem
    i hope someone can help me out

    so ive got an s14a uk spec
    abs pump removed
    standard rear brakes
    on front brembo's calipers
    from a rear of a jaguar xjr with custom made brackets
    and 324mm gtr discs
    i think piston diameters 26mm x 4 each
    the brakes are spongy i can hardly stop the car
    and i can knock the pedal down
    wld the 33 gtr mb57 solve my problem?
    wld it work properly with my standard rear brakes?
    hope someone can help
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    also do i need the abs or the non abs bmc?


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      You have air in the system (soft pedal), and you don't have enough piston area up front. Ditch the calipers you have, they will not work with a stock Nissan MC.
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        Im sure there is no air in the system, as my friend bleeded it in his garage with a vacum machine, and the feeling of the pedal is not like air in the system its not too soft its ok by slight brakings but when i put more pressure on it it starts to feel spongy feels like there is a ball under the pedal
        do u think the 33gtr mb57 bmc wld make it work?