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  • Eps

    I started with this mr2 pump set up with a modified rack
    Then after a a while of research decided to try Yaris Eps.
    Now it is in and working,it works good with slow parking lot manuevers bur can't put to test yet do to other parts of car not being fully assembled.The Yaris column weighs 14lbs total.The EHPS weighs 25lb 10 oz without fluid.The sr2odet ps pump and bracket weigh about 10lbs plus steering column.
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    Have any more info on this or any links?
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      How fast is the rack compared to the stock S13 rack?


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        The rack was reused from the s13 only the column was changed.Hook-up was very simple,4 plugs on eps control unit,two come straight from the column,the third is two large wires one is power the one with black tracer is ground.The last plug requires only two connections one for key on power the other for speed sensor.S13 speedo head has digital output signal to the engine computer ,perfect for the eps.Make sure to get non ABS as it has independent speed input,not from the CAN,two wires go to DLC which are outputs.Mechanically welded one flat bracket,drilled two holes and welded a 3/4" pipe between u-joints .