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  • Weight of suspension parts

    I don't think anyone has done this before... so since we don't have that on the forum also, nor have I seen it on any other forums, I will finally post.

    I am using a bathroom scale but it SEEMS pretty acurate... I put a 5lbs dumbell on it, it said 5, i put a 10lbs, same, 20, same, 25 same, 35 same.... not one lbs off... so i reckon it must be accurate lol.

    I weighed the z32 uprights I just got and they fall on 4lbs... each... that is amazing

    I will also take pics of everything but so far I have the following:

    Z32 aluminum uprights - 4-5lbs each
    Ichiba 5 lug rear hubs and wheel bearings - 6lbs each
    SPL TC rods - 1lbs each
    SPL outer pro tie rods - not even one lbs, so probably like 0.5lbs
    SPL rear traction arms - not even one lbs, but feels slightly heavier so maybe 0.75lbs
    QSTEN Z32 inner tie rods - not even one lbs, probably 0.5lbs
    solid aluminum subframe bushings - 4lbs-ish all 8
    Front tie rod bolts/spacers stuff - like 0.5lbs so light
    Other Bolts for arms in package - like 0.25lbs featherweight

    If I could be told what kind of accurate scale to get i would get it to do this before i install all the parts... but it seems fairly accurate so i dunno but this is what i got. 39.99$ walmart analog bathroom scale that supports up to 320lbs heh

    well thats it for now
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    heh i guess this is a no issue these parts are so light no one cares lol... but I thought it was interesting...
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      The z-32 uprights are a big drop in weight, but everything else really doesn't matter. I'm willing to bet that the stock arms are lighter as a matter of fact.
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        I weighed my new shexshy wheels and tires and they are 46lbs.

        MB Motoring Competition Wheels 17x9+17 Gunmetal
        Falken Azenis RT-615 255/40/17

        As confirmed by one vendor on zilvia the competition wheels are 19.8lbs which makes the falkens in this size weigh 26.2lbs

        My worn out GS-D3 205/50/16 and Skyline GTS 16x6.5+40 wheels weighed 35lbs (worn to belt metal in edge).. the GTS wheels should be 18lbs and the GS-D3 tires should be 22lbs new in 205/50/zr16. So new it should be 40lbs total

        So being sooo worn out damn they dropped 5lbs!

        So I gained 5cm of width, grippier tire, stiffer sidewall, straight sidewall (so nice) a lil taller tire, cooler tire/wheel combo and 7lbs of new found weight per corner :P

        Just thought I'd share this too
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          I guess I could weigh some stuff the next time I have my car apart. I have a pretty accurate digital fish scale that should be worlds better for parts in this ballpark than a bathroom scale.

          Assuming I get 255 RT615s, I'll have the same wheel/tire combo as you ahmed, except Weapons instead of Competitions. I'm a sucker for 7 spoke wheels I guess. So I could drop 15-20 pounds of rotational weight by going to some RPF1s or NT03s...that's gonna have to happen in a few years.
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            Yea I feel you. MB Weapons in the same sizes are 21lbs so you know.
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              Originally posted by turtl631 View Post
              So I could drop 15-20 pounds of rotational weight by going to some RPF1s or NT03s...that's gonna have to happen in a few years.
              Do it now!

              I got mine from Driftspeed for a little over $1000 shipped (17x9 +22)... I found out later that it's about the same from Tire Rack, but you have to look for them under 350Z Base wheels.

              I was going to get MB Competitions, but decided to wait a little longer and spend an extra $300 to just get what I wanted in the first place.


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                I got my wheels and tires shipped for like $1100 a few years ago. It was way too good a deal to pass up.
                ~1992 240SX, SR20/Koni track day car
                ~2016 M3, daily driver


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                  I weighed my arizona z car bbk.

                  Front 6 piston caliper + two pads in it + mount bracket = 8lbs
                  Front 2pc 13" rotors = 18lbs

                  Rear 4 piston calipers + 2 pads in it + mount bracket = 6lbs
                  Rear 2pc 12.2" rotors = 11lbs
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