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ES Diff bushing order

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  • ES Diff bushing order

    Real newb question... first time install on ES diff bushings on S14 (only used nismo or solid in the past which is straight forward)

    Only worry is the front diff bushings..

    The ES instructions say install the large bushing to the top (top would be to seat against body) and reusing the OE cup washer... but they picture it next to the OE bushing you remove, but the OE bushing goes the other way around with the larger bushing comming in from underneeth... (even pictured that way in the FSM)

    either ive worked to hard today or im doing a total dumb ass, but please for my sanity sakes, which way around do these front ES diff bushings sit... large bushing in against the body, or away from the body.

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    I have the thinner cup washer with large thick bushing on top, and thick flat washer with thin ring bushing at the bottom. Same as what ES says.

    Like this

    Basically you want the distance from subframe surface to upper surface of the pumpkin's bushing hole to be the same as stock. The bottom side of the diff is not as important.
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      What he said. had you asked yesterday, I'd have taken a picture while I had my diff out. waiting for it to stop raining to I can take a test drive with the new 4.6.
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      I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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        Thanks guys, thats exactly the way I thought it would be to get the front spacing correct. Just wanted to make 100%