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  • Beginners Bilstein Setup

    I've lurked on this forum for a while, and finally had a reason and topic to contribute. I've been researching what to do for my suspension for a while, and this is what I've come up with. I'd like to change all the bushings out to ES polyurethane pieces with grease zerks to hopefully maintain daily usability. Here are the car's specs:

    95 240SX
    5.3L Silverado V8
    4L60E Auto trans (Not by choice)
    3.54 Rear Gears (currently 3.9, have yet to swap in the 3.54s)
    245/45/17 all around
    Whiteline front & rear sway bars
    Tokiko HD shocks with (I believe) cut stock springs

    Here's a list I came up with as far as what's needed for a bilstein setup for an S14 according to ecugrad-

    Parts Needed for Bilstein Coilover Setup

    • (2) Bilstein F4-R36-5022-H0 Inserts
    • Stock Front Strut Housings
    • TechnoToyTuning Camber Plates
    • TechnoToyTuning Upper Hats
    • Ground Control Coilover kit

    • (2) Bilstein F4-B46-1743-H0 Shocks
    • Tein PRN65-31S10 Rear Pillow Ball Upper Mounts
    • TechnoToyTuning Upper Hats

    * Assuming I can use the S14 ES bushing in the bottom of the 3000GT rear Shock or figure out a way to make it work. Otherwise a drilled bushing as ecugrad specifies.

    The main use for the car is a daily driver, but I'd like to have the ability to go and have a good time at an autocross and also do a HPDE. I'm using the ES bushings because the bushings on the car are quite worn and I'm not willing to go to heim/sperical ends on a daily driven car. The big reason for the Bilstein setup is cost. As well as the fact rebuilding is so inexpensive.

    So what I'm asking is, will this be a good setup for the needs I've listed, and what would you guys recommend for spring rates? To be perfectly honest, I'd like a firm ride. While the roads here are far from perfect, I rarely have passengers in this car, and I'd prefer a more handling oriented vehicle as opposed to a comfortable ride. And if anyone can't recommend any spring rates, could you point me in the direction I need to go to research what would be needed?

    Thanks guys, hope I'm not asking too "noobish" questions. Just figured I'd go here instead of Zilvia as you guys seem to be knowledgeable and not focused on only style\names\drifting\image etc.

    PS- Here's a link to my build thread in case anyone's interested-

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    I'm not sure about the Bilstein setup but I would stay away from those ES bushings in the uprights/LCAs.

    I had them a while back and even did the zerk fitting thing but that did not help the horrible stiction they bring. It's even worse for a daily because you feel every crack in the road due to the suspension sticking.

    I'd just replace the stock bushings (around $10 each @ dealership) or go with nismo (about $17 each). They do have a spring force to them when the suspension travels which is not ideal in the corners but they rotate much easier than the ES crap so the ride isn't as bad.

    Sphericals wouldn't be a bad option if you can afford it even on a daily. When they wear out you just take the C clip out and slide the bearing out... no need to remove the upright or use a press. Replacement bearings are only like $15 each.