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Finding the Center Line of an S13

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  • Finding the Center Line of an S13

    Guys, I want to do a string alignment to make sure that the toe and thrust angle on my car are at least in the ball park, so I need to find the center line of the car first, then I will set up the strings on either side.

    First, I was thinking, I can use the strut tower holes on either side of the strut tower to get a reference point for the front of the car, but that's more up top.

    On the bottom, I was thinking of using the centers of the FLCA inner pick up points as reference points, but I was wanting a couple more to help verify that everything is still straight and stuff too while I'm at it.

    Any suggestions for reference points to use to help find the center line of the car?

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    Have a look in the FSM. You can use the "Body alignment" section to find the centerline of the car.


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      Hmm... I thought about using the FSM, but didn't even think about that section for some reason.



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        Everything is symmetrical on the car, should be easy even if some stuff is tweaked. I would think the steering rack bolts or trans mount bolts would be good to measure too.
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          Yeah the front isn't too bad, it's the rear that I'm worried about.

          The FSM did note that everything is symmetrical though, even down to the holes in the frame rail all the way from the front to the rear, so as long as I can have about 3 to 4 reference points to measure from, I think I can get a pretty straight line all the way from the front to the rear of the car.