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Uneven coilover length?

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  • Uneven coilover length?

    I am curious, but do you guys have the same length between the driver's side and the passenger's side front coilovers/struts, with the same static ride height?

    For some reason, my passenger's side coilover is longer overall than my driver's side coilover in order for me to achieve the same static ride height on both sides.

    What could be the problem, short of a tweaked frame? Saggy spring on the passenger side?

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    Corner weights? How are the rears set?


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      My car is the same way.


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        The rears are about even.

        The car is not corner weighed, at least not officially, as in I never took it to a pro shop that put each wheel on a separate scale and did an actual corner weighing.

        If anything, I've set the coilover heights on the passenger side rear just a TAD higher, and the driver's side front just a TAD higher than the other sides, purely by accident, but looked like theoretically I would have corner balanced it a little lol

        But no, I don't mean by a little, I mean the difference between the driver's side front and the passenger's side front is easily an inch or something. The passenger's side FLCA is level, while the driver's side FLCA is tilted upward slightly, while both are in the air.

        This may have something to do with the weird bounce that I've been experiencing too... every time I hit a bump, the car feels like it pitches and heaves in an awkward manner, instead of just like a "front bump" and then "rear bump" in a solid manner. Feels kinda like hitting a wave in the ocean on a small fishing boat sideways, it pitches and heaves awkwardly.


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          I've had 3 sets of coilovers on my car and to get even ride height relative to the fenders I've usually had 1" difference or so side to side.

          I figure 20 years, 230k miles, things have twisted a bit.


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            FC, same thing. passenger side is longer on every car. dunno...
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              My brain isn't working from severe, long-term lack of sleep, but wouldn't more weight in one corner compress a spring more, and cause the perch to be higher to have the same wheel gap from one side to another?

              I don't know if you'd have an inch worth though, depending on spring rate.


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                I have adjustable lower brackets, and on the passenger side coilover, the bracket is moved down an inch compared to the driver's side lower bracket's location on the coilover.

                Both the left and right side springs should be the same spring rate (9kg), and the spring perch collars are set to the same spot, which is zero preload and no droop.


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                  I pulled my stances off last night. RF has loosened itself up (nowai!) but even so, I know there is a 1/2-3/4" difference in lower brackets, on both sets that I've installed on the car.


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                    Yeah, but over an inch in difference?

                    I mean, if my chassis is tweaked that much, I might as well get another chassis lol

                    I'll take pics next time I'm down there in the front.

                    I'll also take some pics of how much compression there is on the spring between the driver's side versus the passenger's side, to see if it could be that I installed a 9kg spring on the driver's side and an 8kg spring on the passenger's side or something.


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                      the camber plates are also uneven on mine and alex's car, and probably a lot of others. im wondering if maybe they just didnt care that much during manufacture? cheap ****ty 80s cars are cheap and ****ty
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                        I doubt stock springs are different L to R. In fact, every car I've ever seen had the same springs on each axle of the car.
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                          My bad. Just thought about it and it's probably just due to spring-to-spring variation. :P

                          Deleted my post.


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                            Drove the car again last night. Other than the really off front alignment, which made for a very darty drive, the car didn't bounce weird or anything.

                            Didn't have time to work on the car, so no pics or measurements. I will get you guys some data when I'm down there working on the front suspension again next.


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                              My car(s) are like this too...

                              It annoys the **** out of my OCD-ness.
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