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  • ABS Sensor Alternatives

    I found out that a Q45 rear sensor will bolt into an S13/14 diff and the plug end is the same too. Since S13 ones are no longer available, from anywhere I know, thought I would pass this along. The tone ring has a different number of teeth. Wouldn't think that would matter for the sensor but... anybody??

    What about front sensors? Anybody know any alternative to the 375.00 each that Courtesy wants?

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    I was planning on hitting the junkyard sometime soon. I'll take a look at Maxima/J30/Q45 front/rear sensors and see if any look promising. Probably going to be next Friday, might head out this weekend if I'm feeling bored.
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      You could probably get away with just about any VR sensor. If you measure the output of the signal you could get an idea of the min max amplitude of the voltage, and find something comparable. You would also need to know the polarity. Mounting one would be the tough part.

      Nissan may of done quite a bit of parts sharing, but sensors from other manufactuers or aftermarket sensors should work.

      I've got a couple of front sensors of jdm s13 front clip with cut wires though. There yours if you need them.


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          I'll be using a q45 rear end so that's encouraging news...

          Damn are the front sensors that expensive?!
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            Sorry for getting your hopes up, I only have one sensor left and the sensor only has 1/2' of wire left.
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              Anything is better than nothing. Thanks, go ahead and send it. I will cover the cost.

              Def, That would be great.
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