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Difference between S13 and S14 front lower control arm bushings?

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  • Difference between S13 and S14 front lower control arm bushings?

    Wondering what the difference is between these bushings.... I'm looking for rubber replacements for my s14 but they have been discontinued. S13 Nismo FLCA bushings are still available for cheap.

    Nismo and Energy Suspension are both showing different part numbers between s13 and s14 FLCA bushings but I've previously installed s14 FLCA ES bushings into an s13 arm and it seemed to work fine. Also I just brought my S14 LCA into the dealership and the s13 nismo bushing seemed like it would press right in without a problem.

    So does anyone know why there are different part numbers for these FLCA bushings??

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    Outside diameter of the sleeved shell
    The S14 is larger

    Some specs are on the superpro website (made by fulcrum in Australia)


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      Hmm that's odd. All the S14 and S15 front lower control arms I've seen around here have a much larger bush than S13. There are two distinct sizes.

      Is your S14 4-lug?


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        Here are the instructions for the S13 FLCA kit;

        Here are the instructions for the S14 FLCA kit;

        The S14 kit requires you to reuse the OEM bushing shells. After actually reading the instructions, they both reuse the shells

        The instructions also give dimensions for the metal inserts but not for the poly pieces.

        Prothane part numbers are 14207 for S13 and 14208 for S14
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          Edit: For anyone that cares I purchased the s13 Nismo FLCA bushings and they do indeed work on s14 FLCAs just fine.

          The only difference is the outside diameter is about 1-2mm larger on the inner metal sleeve (what the bolt goes through).

          So the rotational force might be slightly less due to the smaller sleeve but that is about it.

          So for only $10 a bushing seems like a worth while upgrade over the poly crap.
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