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Using Different Strut (Brands) Front/Rear

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  • Using Different Strut (Brands) Front/Rear

    I have a set of Ohlins Type-N struts for an S13 I've been trying to sell and was considering holding on to them and using them on my S14.
    What I was considering doing was purchasing a set of Koni Yellows for the rear and using the Ohlins up front with my lowering springs (Tein S-Tech) or my Ground Control setup (400f/300r) all around.
    What drawbacks, if any, would there be to running them like this? My first thoughts were that the valving would have be changed on one set to complement the valving of the other. Would I be better off using all Koni?

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    It'll be fine. The Konis are adjustable(not sure on the Ohlins), so just tweak them to suit the car. There is no "brand specific" damper curve - just models that are better fits to your application/car.

    That said, make sure you have the important stuff handled like proper travel for your spring rates.
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      I decided instead of modifying the front struts to use on my S14 and essentially have a set of "useless" rear struts, I went ahead and sold them. I'll keep on the lookout for more ohlins, or maybe just do a Koni setup.