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S13 KA24E Charging System Problem

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  • S13 KA24E Charging System Problem

    Hi guys,

    I took my car for a drive yesterday and when I would go WOT the car would cut out and buck. The only time it wouldn't do it is when I would gradually ease into the gas pedal, but once I got to a above 3500-4000 RPM it would continue to buck and cut out. I went to turn the car on and car wouldn't start and my guage lights were dim.

    A few days ago I went to start the car and I had the same problem with the car not starting. I checked my battery terminals and the car has a new battery so I am leaning towards the alternator being bad. Would anything with my charging system cause my car to run like this?


    Car is 89 KA24E w/ 5spd Stock
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    Sounds like a fuel or fire thing. But Im new to KA's
    Maybe a vacum?

    shane c.
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      how was it running before any problems? what happened/any change right before the issue started? take the car to autozone/advancedauto etc and let them check it for free.
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        The last time my S14 had a bucking problem at the rpm you described, it was due to the bad MAF. Every time I floored it, it would buck like a crazed horse, I swapped out the MAF and no more bucking. I have no ideas about the no start issues though.


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          Guess, Im really old school.