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Dust shields on s13: keep em?

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  • Dust shields on s13: keep em?

    Ok so I finally got around to getting started putting my 5lug on.

    I'm going from stock s13 everything to eBay 5lug front hubs and q45 front calipers and rotors.

    This was intended as a temporary solution until I can get s14 front hubs. The brakes will also only be on there for a week before getting upgraded.

    I simply removed the front dust shields.

    But was that a bad idea? I mean, part of that dust shield looks like it keeps dirt out of the back side of the wheelbearing...

    Should I cut that center section out and install it back on the car to keep my wheelbearings in good shape?

    Side note: I'm so ricer with 5lug in the front and 4lug in the rear.
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    I removed my dust shield.

    I did keep that caps in the center where the nut for the hub is. I left my rear dust shields in since everything cleared with them in place.


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      One pro for keeping them is that you can use them to mount a brake hose "flange." This is my plan with the current car, since Willow's Kognition ones sold so fast.


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        I ditched mine when I went with the Z32 front brakes. Now with the Defwerks Wilwood setup it will be impossible to keep the stock dust shield anyway as the caliper is mounted lower for keeping the weight as low as possible.


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          Ditch the dust shields, better cooling, and it lets the rotors pump out more air.

          The only issue is when you get a "rubber worm" in the vanes and it smokes up. It happens though, and not a major problem.
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            I like to keep it there to shield crap from the wheel bearing. Of course modding it to run a cooling hose is probably better.


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              Wheel bearing is sealed on mine - and ditching the shields gives them more cooling flow. Reason number 83 to ditch 'em.
              '18 Chevrolet Volt - Electric fun hatch for DD duty!

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