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Quick Z32 Maf questions.

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  • Quick Z32 Maf questions.

    01.) Are there screen on the front and rear of the MAF? I just purchased a MAF and there is only a screen on the front (where the filter attaches).

    02.) What is purpose of the screen?

    03.) If the rear of the MAF is suppose is supposed to have a screen and doesn't, what are some side effects? Time to source up another MAF?

    I've always assumed the screen on the front was there to "clean up" the air coming into the MAF. You know what happens when you ASSUME.

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    There is suppose to be two screens.

    Second, nothing. Preventing you filter to enter the maf. Its that good.

    Third: Dunno check if the inside are broken or played with. I don't think there will be any real affect accept if your running the stock pipe with a coupling and the spring inside decides to travel to you maf.

    Last. No Get a filter.

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      I have the screens on both sides of the z32 MAFS I'm selling.


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        They come with both screens, but the ones on the Z32 MAF probably don't straighten the flow at all. It's probably more of a "last ditch effort" to stop foreign objects from going through the MAF.
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          Cool. I'll just run it as is then.


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            Anybody know the ohm readings on a Z32 maf. I have 2 and they read exactly the same so one would think they are ok. The tune I recieved doesn't work at all so I'm looking at possible reasons. It is pig rich to 16afr by 4.5k.


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              You should be reading voltage, not resistance from the Z32 MAF, Mike. How do you have it wired up?



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                That is how I wired it but I was talking about bench testing it. I would think that is the way Nissan tests them.