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  • setup help...lifting wheel

    I went to a local autoX today and I was told I was lifting my rear tires during corner entry. What is the proper way of dealing with lifting my rear wheels. I get a little more oversteer than I'd like and my corner exit is not where I think it should be.

    Attempts at helping the issue-
    lower rear tire pressure
    less rear rebound- 1/2 turn from soft Koni
    slower entry speeds and different turn in

    other options-
    increase rear droop-How is the done?
    remove rear sway bar (hicas)
    change out 210K+ VLSD-Thinking about putting some heavier gear oil in it. Currently running OEM viscosity Mobil 1 gear oil.
    more rear rebound-I thought this would not help with oversteer/corner exit.
    larger front sway bar-Doesn't seem like it'd help the rear wheels from lifting
    stiffer rear spring rates
    stiffer front spring rates

    44 front psi 37 rear psi (after 3-60sec runs)
    450#front 350#rear springs
    front struts full stiff/rear struts 1/2 turn from soft (Koni)

    My full setup is in my STS blog.
    Addicted to Motorsports