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SR: Stock Fan Shroud + Stock Radiator

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  • SR: Stock Fan Shroud + Stock Radiator

    Ok, I'm pretty sure I've probably come across the answer to this question that I am about to ask now, but I cannot find it anywhere with a quick search, so I am going to ask you good folks about this.

    I have an S13 SR in an S13, and I have a Koyo stock replacement radiator (I believe these were only available in Japan, which a friend brought back like 3 of them when he went years ago).

    I also have had an OEM Nissan S13 SR radiator shroud for a long time that I just got around to putting on the car (I think I had an S14 shroud before that was ziptied to the radiator because the mounting feets wouldn't match up to the holes up top).

    Here's my question.

    What attaches the bottom of this shroud to the radiator?

    It's quite obvious up top that the 2 mounting feet gets bolted onto the radiator, securing it there.

    However, on the bottom of the shroud, there is no mounting feets or anything.

    For a temporary solution, I put a small ziptie through one of the holes that's present on pretty much any radiator cores and through the radiator shroud.

    With this ziptie in place (on the driver's side), it is actually doing a really good job of holding the shroud down on both sides on the bottom, so that it won't flop around from vibrations or hitting bumps in the road.

    Are there supposed to be side pieces and bottom pieces to make up the ENTIRE shroud on stock S13s over in Japan or something?

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    I don't use anything on the bottom, just the top 2 mount holes on the shroud bolted into the aftermarket Koyo. I've had the shroud out about 4 times in the past 2 years and see no signs of wear on the radiator or cracking on the shroud...

    I have some side pieces that came with my shroud, but they don't look like they connect to anything on the car side, just snap onto the shroud to seal the small gaps from the shroud to a stock radiator. I don't use mine because they interfere with the larger koyo...


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      Yeah, I don't think I have any mounting bits on the bottom of my shroud, just the top ones.


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        Do you guys' shrouds slap the radiator ever? From like, hitting bumps and stuff? Kinda like Pac Man's mouth closing? hahahaha

        Man I suck at describing things lately hahaha


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          Nah, it's pretty solid.


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            OEM installs have side pieces almost Identical to ka24de ones they bolt to the sides of the radiator and have square pinch post thingies to holt the shroud down

            +3 for screw the side plates use zipties....that's how mine is and I have the stock pieces (or had them before the koyo went in)
            I am SKULLWORKS


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              OK cool.

              Just wanted to make sure what I've done isn't a bad way to do things, that's all