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ES subframe bush questions, help!

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  • ES subframe bush questions, help!

    Hi all, i had a search around but couldnt find the answer

    I am fitting (trying) ES subframe bushes and am stuck, in the instructions it says leave the tabed coler in as it supports the bush which is fine for 2 of them, nice snug fit too

    However for the other 2 (diff side) they have a full lenth coller with a lip on it, no tabs, the instructions make no referance to this, the fit is much tighter than the other, iv not tried to fully press the bush in incase i cant get it out again.

    If i cut the coller out im worried it will be too lose and the botton stock washer will fit through the subframe when the car is jacked up

    UK spec 200sx s14 kouki, Energy suspension bushes for 240sx
    Do i cut the coller out or not?
    Are your 240sx subframes the same?
    Any advise appreciated
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    Hi Immy.

    As you mentioned this site on the thread i posted on the SXOC, i have registered also.

    I have the same issue as you BUT when you say you don't want to remove the collar i have done this already, the bush will not fit correctly with it in place from what i could see.

    The general fit when removed is the very same as the ones with the tabs.

    The bit im concerned with is due to the different design on the rear/upper ones there is nothing to hold the bush in place.

    This means that when the car becomes unloaded the sub-frame could drop!
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      here is the how to:

      clif notes:

      on S14 you have to cut the top lip it says to save (see pics on page 5 of that link) the lip you save is on the bottom.


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        The front lower bushes are as shown in all the pictures and related information.

        The upper rear bushes are a different design from the front lower.

        The metal collar with a 3mm return flange at the base MUST BE LEFT IN PLACE, as the new ES bush will not be a tight fit and there will be nothing to hold it in place.

        I have gone for a different bush now as i made the mistake of removing the whole collar.