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  • Moton = omfg

    I researched my options - considered ohlins, bilstein, kw, penske but at the end of the day, none had what i was looking for except Moton. I HATE upgrading parts and only want to buy good suspension once, so i bit the bullet and what showed up was heavenly. The quality of these absolutely exceeded expectation, and im blown away (im a very picky engineer, this doesnt happen often) suspension of this caliber is seriously next level

    ^^ a total thing of beauty. Moton double adjustables (15 independant bump and rebound settings, blowoff valve system for high speed bump control, huge main piston, remote reservoir compression adjusters mounted on swivel banjo fittings (makes mounting them easy!), and 2.25" spring hardware.

    ^^this is the top-secret R14 front suspension ive never shown anyone before. the Motons fit so perfect, its like the motons were just meant to be..

    this is showing the drivers side remote reservoir compression adjuster

    (pass side)

    now to the rear --

    installed (but waiting on the tender springs to arrive)

    reservoir located, you can also see the fuel pump wiring

    easy to see how the adjusters are mounted facing inwards, easy to access without removing the wheel

    tire clearance at full droop

    tire clearance at full bump

    both reservoirs mounted, and the wing mount i am building now from 0.035 4130 cromoly

    in other news:
    NEW prototype BorgWarner Twinscroll Turbo - dubbed S300'P'

    ^^^look at the super badass turbine wheel geometry and my favorite feature of all, the vband compressor hsg to CHRA. soooo slick. I am looking to spool 1000rpm quicker and make 700+whp at 30psi boost... this should do it.

    the legendary extended tip compressor wheel design, this is only 61mm inducer / 83mm exducer turbo, just like a GT35R but it moves 72lb/min at full-tilt, HUGE airflow for this small of a turbo (35R is 62lb/min for example). take a look at the far tip you can see the little "peak" that is mountain shaped on the top of each blade? thats the extended tip

    getting ready for the charge pipe modification

    4" downpipe flange welded on

    ^^old vs new... you can see how much smaller the new turbo really is

    ^^got the manifold and downpipe 2000degree HPC coated, and will use DEI heat wrap on top of the coating to further reduce engine bay temps

    Front Aero

    ^^front splitter mounted on the car, you can also see the radiator ducting. coolers will be remounted and ducted next

    ^^strong enough for 330lbs @ 0mph, should handle 300+lbs downforce at 170mph!

    Rear diffuser
    to make a functional rear diffuser, it requires that there be an area with no obtrustions to block air from exiting under the chassis or from behind the tires. I started by cutting the quarter panels level with the frame rail, and then i cut out the spare tire well

    ^^cutting quarter panels level with the frame rail

    ^^removing spare tire well

    ^^20 ga steel plate fabricated, and mig tack'd in place.

    ^^welds cleaned up, spray painted grey

    flat bottom rear is finished! now time to bolt up the diffuser when it gets back from powdercoat on monday :naughty

    this bumper will be trimmed generously!

    another shot of the rear, but this time the new spindles with proper toe rod geometry is installed

    as she sits tonite, getting ready for a looong weekend!

    now i have to corner weight the car, align it, and do a few tweaks from my friends from M-workz and motoIQ, then i can finish the aero, and turbo for one last update before the race.

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    Uh, wow....!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats on the Motons, that's certainly 'next level' stuff.

    But then you continue with a bitchin' turbo, splitter, and rear diffuser. Nice update!

    I hope it exceeds expectations...and have fun beating everyone's ass on track!

    - Brian
    '96 240SX | KA-T - 320rwhp @ 12psi | ~2700lbs
    Koni 8611 & GC's - 600/450 | RPF1's - 17x9.5


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      Fantastic update! Quality car!


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        wow...seriously next level indeed
        I am SKULLWORKS


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            That is pretty much double D car porn.
            Chicago Region SCCA SM # 688
            TSSCC SM # 688


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              Originally posted by eye-5 View Post
              That is pretty much double D car porn.
              perky natural DD car porn at that.
              Originally posted by SoSideways
              I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
              '04 G35 Sedan 6MT- The DD
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                I love to see this kinda stuff. Gives me motivation to build my car and strive to get better.
                SM 63 KA-t 470hp 480tq G30-660 A2W IC


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                  Hard at work there. I'm finding it hard to just finish modifying my oil pan. Cast oil pan is a piece of crap to weld.

                  Noticed your running that gold reflective film. How effective is it? I'm also trying to find a solution to control the heat from my headers. What solution would you recommend.


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                    You definately live up to your name "Full Race"!


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                      I'd hit it.

                      That's a COT splitter, right?


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                        Originally posted by Ronald So View Post
                        Hard at work there. I'm finding it hard to just finish modifying my oil pan. Cast oil pan is a piece of crap to weld.

                        Noticed your running that gold reflective film. How effective is it? I'm also trying to find a solution to control the heat from my headers. What solution would you recommend.
                        trust me, the motivation has been wearing thin lately!! haha all i want to do is take a cpl days off, and go ride my bike or surf... but that will have to wait until april 11.

                        for the heat management, i suggest doing 4 things

                        1) heatshield around all important items like i did -- to protect the brake master cyl, clutch master cyl and wiring/vacuum lines

                        2) gold foil -- this stuff is expensive but HOLY CRAP DOES IT WORK. it can drop temps 800degrees fahrenheit in 3mm. So use it wisely becuase its expesnisve, but you can easily wrap all the brake lines at the firewall plus all the oil lines and hoses that can be damaged from the heat

                        3) 2000degree coatings -- these work. the 1600 degree doesnt do a damn thing and the 1800 is minimally better. the 2000degree titanium one works.

                        4) DEI heat wrap + turbine blanket - wrap the downpipe, manifold and turbine housing. note: Im not wrapping the manifold because i own full-race and this RB manifold is my all time favorite header, so i gotta show it off. my huge 4" downpipe has a ton of surface area and gives off a lot of heat, so this wrap will help a lot. also its right next to the brake master cyl so isolating it will help live longer. wrapping the turbine housing is a no-brainer. I have not HPC coated it yet because im not sure which a/r i will settle on, but will decide that very soon


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                          yes its a COT splitter!! wonderful


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                              The gold foil works great. My manifold was about 1/8" away from my brake lines. So close I couldn't wrap the manifold. I wrapped the lines with the gold and zero problems. After 20 minutes on the track you could grap the lines no prob.

                              NASA Time Trials TT3

                              BTW I work for Garrett