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  • Wiper amplifier

    Wondering if any of you guys would be able to answer this.
    I'm starting to re-assemble right now, and I've got a question about my wiper amplifier. It's the part located behind the passenger strut tower, tucked behind the ABS block.

    Coming off of the amplifier is a plug and a vacuum line.
    The vacuum line is plugged with a screw on mine, and I'm wondering if this is doing anything while plugged off?

    Does it just act as an electrical amplifier through the plug, or does it need a vacuum signal to work?


    - JC
    In Zipties We Trust....

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    This is what I'm talking about:

    In Zipties We Trust....


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      That's the Cruise Control 'brain', nothing to do with the wipers
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        Oh really, I was going by this diagram in the FSM to figure out what it was.

        Best I can tell, I didn't have anything else back there.
        The wiper amplifier is what allows it to work on intermittent, so where would I find it?
        In Zipties We Trust....


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          That is not the wiper amp on the S14. The wiper amp is simply a black, square plastic box with a plug.