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Rumbling at high speed

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  • Rumbling at high speed

    Hey Guys,

    I'ved lurked on here a lot and post a lot on zilvia... Anyways, I've been trying to troubleshoot this damn noise. I run solid steel shaft, solid collars, and spl diff bushings. I just replaced both wheel bearings and torqued everything up... but at speed 90+ the rear end rumbles a lot. I also feel the rear end shake as well... Any ideas? I have nismo mounts as well...

    I was thinking maybe a theory that I know nismo raise the engine up and maybe tilts the end down and the shaft is perfectly straight with the diff in terms of drive train angle. When I just use a single flat thin washer, the rumble is reduced.... Trackday is Thursday. Any help would be great. Thanks!

    Also all arms except RLCA was replaced.... Megan tracks in the rear.. New RE01's on the rear...

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    I am sure this is a question that will be quickly answered but the wheels/tires are balanced in the rear right?


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      Yup new RE01s......