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K24a2 kseries swap

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  • K24a2 kseries swap

    I was considering doing the kseries swap using the kit below. Wondering if anybody has used it or know of anybody that has?

    These engines are cheap, very reliable and maintenance friendly. The ability to uae the cd009 with it sounds great to me. I just dont like how the kit has spacers to put between the chassis and front subframe.

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    I don't know anyone personally, but I believe Hert from Hoonigan is using the S13 kit. Might be a couple videos on that, and Larry Chen did a vid on the TF S14 while they were developing the kit. Another guy used some of thier S14 kit pieces to swap a K24 into a 280ZX.
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      Personally Id rather go LS/LM.

      The up front initial investment is about the same. Yes the motors itself are slightly cheaper with k series but up front power is way more with the LS/LM


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        I have a ls1 swap s13 but its not mechanic friendly like the k24. The ls1 is a pita to do anything in the small engine bay. And cost of consumables is greater with ls1 (plugs, oil, brakes, tires.)


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          When I added everything up with a turbo kit, it looked like it would be around 15k all said and done. I think TF said they have a intake manifold in the works that's gonna be 1500. Shit is crazy. And the 15k + is with doing all the work yourself. But in 5 years SRs are gonna be so expensive and rare that I too am thinking about it. A freaking go-kart is gonna be all I can afford pretty soon at the rate things are going.


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            Yeah, when a stock SR motorset is like $6k, they don't pencil to really run any more.


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              Originally posted by Burgy240sx View Post
              ... But in 5 years SRs are gonna be so expensive and rare that...
              Who knows? )))


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                I built the wiring harness for the TF S14 and two other cars that ran this swap. Other than the R&D on the oil pan in the early stages resulting in oil pressure dips before they finalized the design, everyone I've seen has been very satisfied once they get the car up and running. I guess the BMW box isn't the nicest shifting or anything, but more than adequate.
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