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    Hello friends -- figured I'd start a thread as I have a question and looking for any feedback.

    Still getting some pad knockback from my brakes that I can't chase down. I've done new wheel bearings at all 4 corners now to try and fix it, and no change. Only have a long pedal when the car is really loaded up in a corner. The only thing that's not 100% right with my setup is that the rear brake calipers are shimmed a touch offset for increased clearance to the spoke. This is a f/r Core4 setup btw.

    Local motorsport guy says that spindle flex is a thing he's seen in his 30 years of building racecar things, and when I told him my spindles were cut&weld (courtesy of logr on here from many many years ago) he suggested that that is probably the issue I'm facing.

    With that said I'm considering my options (which is awesome that there are so many).

    First up is the Gktech drift/grip knuckle. I like this because GKTech has good customer service and I want quicker steering as it's one of my favorite elements of what I have now.
    At Gktech we now have three different variants of our world-renowned front drop knuckles! All of them are designed and build similar, sharing the following;- Light weight- Robust design- S13/ S14 variations- 4130 Chromoly- CMM measured, CAD designed and FEA tested- E-coated (Electrophoresis Coating)We have tailored the

    Second up is the FDF Knuckle which uses a 350z wheel bearing -- love this approach. Not sure about the track width dicussion as I have literally no room to give in pushing the wheel out further lol:

    Open to whatever feedback or options anyone has.

    Thank you!

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    I picked up those gktech knuckles a while ago for the s13 and they seem to be quality.


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      I've been running S13 Grip knuckles and don't have any complaints. That being said, I literally just bought second hand, new open box S14 drift/grip knuckles to replace my S13 grip versions. Because
      1. I want the quicker steering
      2. S14 hubs come with tone rings still

      I've looked at the FDF knuckles before and wasn't too intrigued by them. That much increased track width is kind of a deal breaker for me. The 350z wheel bearings seem like the best bonus of going that route.
      SM 63 KA-t 470hp 480tq G30-660 A2W IC


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        I haven't heard back from them on clarifying if they actually add the width or not, but I assume they do.


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          The FDF knuckles look intriguing... I had the same idea to use 350z front hubs (since I have spares for my G35) with a fabricated knuckle, but I ended up buying the GKTech grip (S14) knuckles and modifying them (more roll center correction and slightly more ackerman due to the corresponding bumpsteer adjustment). They've been pretty solid so far and are a lot better than the modded OE knuckles I had prior.


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            Thanks PJ, appreciate your input.

            I think I'll just pull the trigger on those.

            I am sad we didn't get to chat at Nats -- next year for sure! Congrats on a great showing for panda.