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  • Hydramat

    Hi there, I was thinking about using the Hydramat in my OEM S13 gas tank instead of doing another bulky separate surge tank setup. Anyone have experience using it in their S13? I was wondering what size would be ideal, and what modifications would be needed. Im planning to use the hydramat with an in tank 320lph AEM pump.

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    Hey! I bought a hydromat to use in the stock tank. Unfortunately I haven't assembled the system yet, but I'm using an inline AEM 400lph pump. I forget the exact size but I measured it to fit comfortably in the tank. I was planning to remove the factory baffles because obviously they're not needed anymore haha. My only decision left to make is where to mount the pump.

    With an in-tank pump, I'm not sure how you would adapt the fitting on the hydramat to the inlet of the pump.

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      You would obviously want to build a small adapter from the pump inlet to the NPT thread on the Hydramat. I think Hydramats even came with a fitting that fit intank push style connectors for this very reason.

      Try to keep the intank pump as low as possible for cooling.
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