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Cooling capacity of stock radiator?

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  • Cooling capacity of stock radiator?

    Curious who has really tested the limits of a stock 240sx radiator?

    Car will be a drift car (semi streetable) that will only need to make 40-50 second passes at a time using the stock shroud and fan which moves air well.

    It will be about 350bhp output, which is 50% more than S15 factory output.. it is a significant increase in additional heat generated, however my thought process is drifting a car is lighter load on the engine compared to road racing since the tires are slipping without full resistence. My monkey logic would like ot think that 50% increase is really only a 30% increase from factory heat removal spec, which may be reasonable to use on short 40-50 second passes.

    Any real world feedback?

    Just to paint a clearer picture, i do plan to have an upgraded radiator but if I can get away with a stock one for a period of time i would consider putting it lower in the priority list.

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    Additional monkey logic:
    There have been drift cars running SR20s in the 600, 700+ HP seemingly using a off the shelf Koyo radiator, which is about double the size of the factory 240sx radiator. Using that as a ratio of power to cooling capacity, it would seem to be a similar heat removal capacity at a 300HP car. Any thoughts or real world experiences? example of a 700HP drift car runing off the shelf koyo rad


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      I dunno man, we talking a brand new OEM radiator? Because otherwise, these things are old af and made partially of plastic; I wouldn't trust it to hold chicken noodle soup