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Rear sway bar options in 2020

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  • Rear sway bar options in 2020

    I know there's lots of info scattered around this forum from years past, but wondering if we can have an updated thread on rear bar options. I am running a stock s14 rear bar right now (15mm iirc) and wanting a bit more rear bar, but the aftermarket doesn't seem to have many good options. Not having luck tracking down a j30 rear bar, either, which I know Def is going to tell me is the way to go.

    Sikky offers this bar now:

    I emailed them to ask a few more details (since they're not listed) and it's a 22mm hollow bar. Their sales guy told me that on softest setting it's equivalent to stock USDM s13 rear bar (I asked which s13 rear bar they had tested against since there are a couple options).

    Progress still makes rear bars, too -- s13 is 22mm, s14 is 24mm.

    Any options I'm missing? s15 rear bar also on the table but can't find one either.

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    Cusco makes a s14 rear one its 21mm.


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      Looks like the s15 rear bar is 18mm solid. Found one relatively close by so may just do that.

      edit: n/m, ordered the sikky bar. yolo.
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        No consideration for Whiteline? Its 22mm solid and has adjustable roll stiffness mounting positions.


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          Bad taste in my mouth from whiteline products from BRZ land. Weird fitment issues are the norm. But noted.


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            The S15 bar on my car is 19mm (IIRC) and hollow/tubular. Check my build thread to see what I did to make it adjustable. Wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t hollow. Maybe I picked up a spec-R version. Don’t remember.

            edit: my s15 bar is 21mm and Hollow. Likely a spec R unit.
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              Ah, ok. It's impossible to find real information about sway bar sizing -- I was looking for gts-t and whatnot as well. Either way, Sikky bar on the way and already adjustable. Should be fine. Summit had it for cheaper than Sikky with free shipping on top.


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                It's very green.


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                  And now you have room for another exhaust pipe! LOL

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                      So when you painting the diff cover to match?


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                        Other than exhaust, what's stopping us from figuring out how to do the straight-tube motorsports style sway bars?
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                          Originally posted by Sleepy_Steve View Post
                          Other than exhaust, what's stopping us from figuring out how to do the straight-tube motorsports style sway bars?
                          Nothing really. I was really close to making one a few times, but other projects kept bubbling up. I figured some either cut up square tubing/thick pipe or bending some flat bar would do it for the exhaust hump, then just weld on some tubing section and have the flat arms welded on it. I would even think you could make all that exhaust hump part be bolted connections if you wanted to tweak the stiffness with some outer arms that were pre-fabbed. But it might end up being more work than just welding another exhaust hump into another bar stiffness.

                          Side note - currently thinking of doing something like this in the future on my MR2 to tweak front sway stiffness and eliminate any steering load due to swaybar (currently mounted to struts).
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                            I put a karcepts front bar in my BRZ and it's VERY nice. Big fan. I like that style a lot but for this car not as important.

                            Also easy to make adjustments between autocross runs which is pretty neat.