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  • Sway bar upgrade

    Ive got a stock s13 coupe with stock springs and shocks. Was thinking about upgrading the sway bars to whiteline front and rear. The car will be doing NASA HPDE.

    Will i do more harm than good by upgrading the sway bars by themselves? Also ive noticed majority is using stock rear bar or no bar at all? Maybe i should stick to stock reae bar and upgrade just the front?

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    Doing just the front bar will be an improvement. It will be compatible with the stock shock/spring package as long as they’re in good condition. I’d stick with the stock rear bar, as a bigger one will make the car loose at speed and encourage wheel spin by limiting articulation of the rear suspension.

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      Definitely stock rear bar especially if you don't have a clutch type diff that keeps the car tight off/light throttle. If you feel like having excessive throttle lift oversteer, put on the rear bar. If it's the driver's first time on track, definitely stock sway bar.

      My cool story bro:

      I personally tried no rear bar on my S14 for a few races with an increased rear spring rate to make up for the loss of roll stiffness and it was push city during mid-corner. That was with my diff being left alone at a very aggressive 1.5 way setting though.

      I then put on an S15 rear bar (19mm) which is between stock S14 and aftermarket bars with the same diff settings and it eradicated all that mid-corner understeer and felt great.

      I now changed to 1-way setting with less aggressive lock & preload because the diff fluid was getting cooked toward the end of my endurance races and the diff started behaving very oddly (popping and shifting weight) when decelerating and I don't want to add a diff cooler. Not surprisingly the car has now shifted back toward oversteer.

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