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    Newb here, with an idea.

    First: I am loving this site. Learning every second I read.

    But it brings up this question. What are all the things you can do to your car to make the car actually better? I am not talking about putting good tires or adding stiffer springs or bigger injectors, I am talking correcting engineering problems and reliability problems DIYs with links to them.

    What I think I have learned/understood till now.

    S14 subframe in a S13 = pro squat :

    z32 uprights= ???

    Spherical bearings all around = geometry is more compliant :
    Does anyone have a DIY? I am looking around and there is a standard 12 inner 30 outer that should fit but the race is 12 mm in width, I am scared it would be slide fit and being thin that it wouldn't take the forces.

    FLCA : more distance between ball joint and spindle = lower F RC :

    Sway bars without rear = more travel while attacking a corner

    Sway bar end links DIY :

    Tie rods DIY :

    If anyone has more just add on. And if possible, and I am not breaking any rules...a mod can pin it .
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    Awesome idea... I know one off the top of my head.

    Racepar's brake cooling ducts. fits in fog light holes. s13 hb

    Relocating battery to rear.
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      12mm COM bearings with a 30mm OD will not work without lots of grinding
      of the spindle.
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