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240sx Drive Issue

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  • 240sx Drive Issue

    Need some help trouble shooting an issue I had this past weekend at VIR. I am going to give just the facts rather than try and influence any one's suggestion on what the problem could be. So coming out of turn 1-2, got on the gas jumped out of the turn and then all of a sudden the the motor revs went up and lost all drive to the wheels. There was no shift just hard on the gas coming out of the turn. I coasted to a stop and tried to put the car in another gear and same issue, no drive. Clutch feels fine, able to find all gears just won't drive. Got towed back to the paddock and load up on the trailer, it was one of those weekends between the yellows and full course cautions (we only got a 2 lap green flag race on Saturday). Loading up on the trailer the car was making a strange sound coming from the rear but we were able to use the winch to get it into the trailer. Bummed out I left the car in the trailer until last night. Unloaded it and the first thing I noticed was it was a pig to roll into the garage. I would roll okay and then we would hit a "spot" where it felt like it would like up. Finally got it into the garage and up on jackstands thinking I knew what "broke". So here is the series of tests I ran:
    1. put into neutral and spun the driveshaft, both wheels turned (Quaife Limited Slip), no clunking or other weird noises
    2. put into gear, tried to turn the driveshaft........I was able to turn it a bit but required a lot of strength, put it into 5th and couldn't turn it at all
    3. just out of curiosity I kept the tranny in 5th and was able to turn the engine over by hand (aka 24mm socket on crank pulley)
    4. drained fluid from transmission, had some of the gold tint from the synchros and a little trash on the magnetic drain plug but not big chunks like I expected

    What i haven't done is drain the diff and look at the fluid there. I should have started the car and put it into gear and let out the clutch to see if it stalls. Going back to the race, there was not smells, no thumps, no whirling noises (now maybe I just didn't hear them because I was racing). Everything, cv axles, driveshaft etc bolts are still in tact and did not loosen up. The only other thing I can say is the paddock was such a quagmire that I had to be towed once I got off the track by a 4x4 truck because the "roads" all turned to straight mud, looked like a rally event not a road race. I am just curious to see what you all's suggestions might be. Thanks in advance.

    Dan Rolfe
    this is a s13 ka24e 240sx.

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    If you can turn the driveshaft by hand with the transmission in neutral and the back wheels turn as expected, the diff is likely OK.

    If you can turn the driveshaft by hand with the transmission in gear, it’s a transmission problem. If the transmission still shifts OK but you have no forward drive, it’s likely the input shaft snapped. It could be a flywheel or clutch failure, but either of those would make lots of noise trying to escape.

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    Don Johnson (really!)
    Just so you know.