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S13 - VQ swap for endurance racing

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    Wait, are you local to Summit? That's my home track!


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      Originally posted by RalliartRsX View Post
      Wait, are you local to Summit? That's my home track!
      In PA just outside Philadelphia. I raced at Summit W2W in the S13 with NASA Mid-Atlantic region many years ago. I am there in October this year and hope we get some nice weather. I think both cars are capable of sub 1:15's there. Maybe not with me driving. lol!!

      Just finally getting the project started this morning. I just have some questions about the VQ swap but seems like it will be straightforward enough. 2020 will be the target for running in AER.


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        My team is looking at a VQ swap as well for Champcar and we'd really like to keep the stock trans/driveshaft/diff since it's a major points advantage to do so. Does anyone know if there is an adapter plate which allows the KA24DE transmission to be mated to the VQ30DE? Is the VQ short enough that it still fits in the engine bay with the transmission in the original location?

        If it's not a part off the shelf, does anyone have bolt pattern data for the VQ30 and KA24DE transmission so we could design our own? If not, I'll work on trying to generate the data set myself, but I figured if it was something someone was willing to share it'd make my life a whole lot easier.


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          The FWD and RWD VQs have different bellhousing patterns if I remember right (and different engine mount locations). And the '07+ RWD VQs have yet a different bolt pattern.

          Honestly, I would not try to use a stock trans on the engine when you've got a perfectly good transmission that should bolt up to a RWD VQ, and there are off the shelf swap kits to put a RWD VQ35DE right into an S-chassis.

          Driveshaft length is different when you do this. I also highly doubt you'd get a VQ to play nicely with everything with exactly the same stock trans mounting location. It's easier to just use the big components that are meant to work together and then change the simple stuff (engine and trans mounts, driveshaft).
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            citizen_insane, there are a few VQ30 S13 cars running in Champcar since that engine swap works out perfectly under Champcar rules and can easily win overall. The comical thing is it'll take more time, effort and money to swap that in vs. a RWD VQ35DE.

            Your best bet is to reach out to teams that have done it before. Chances of them sharing information are probably low though since there's a fairly strict ruleset with Champcar and people may not want to divulge.

            The two VQ30 swapped teams I know of are team "Not Banned Yet" S13 run by Ballenger Motorsports that was actually totaled at Charlotte ChampCar race back in April (watch wreck here). And you have team "Blue Bayou" S13 out in the pacific northwest (member knate on here, but like everyone else these days, barely ever comes on here). They had Randy Pobst drive their car back in May at a Lucky Dog race at The Ridge: .

            Here's a decently informative video they made of the VQ30 swap in their S13:

            And Def is right. You can directly bolt a 350Z transmission up to a VQ30 when you swap on a 35DE oil pan then you'll just have to deal with the drive shaft, which will be easier than dealing with making a custom adapter plate and bits.
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