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Trans question maybe mfactory

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  • Trans question maybe mfactory

    I broke a shift fork in my s13 Sr20det trans. After that I bought two transmissions. Another heavily used stock one and one a guy thought was a mfactory transmission that came with his drift car. When buying the second trans I opened it and counted the gear teeth. I told him it was stock and bought it as so. Now that I am finally tearing into the trans to fix my car I noticed something. My stock trans and the other stock one are the same. They have a sliding gear for reverse and more complicated linkage set up. The “aftermarket” trans doesn’t have a sliding gear but is in mesh All the time with a synchro like the rest of the gears. Ratios are all same. The aftermarket one looks all new and appears to have had something done to it but don’t know. Can anyone on here help me out. Thanks

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    Can you post photos of what you're talking about


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      I did a lot of searching today. Finally found out that it is a black top s13 trans. They were different from the rest of the Sr transmissions. Nissan did away with the sliding reverse gear sometime and went to a synchronized reverse.