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Subframe bushing material choice

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  • Subframe bushing material choice

    While the LS out getting crank repaired from Bonneville trip. I have the car up on the lift doing a few thing to prep for the upcoming season. I for some reason took a look at my subframe bushing. They look like crap. I have tracked this car hard for the last 4 years and yes they are still the originals. I have access to a lathe so I was going to machine some up but wondering if I should use aluminum or delrin. Any advantage or dis to either. I don't have either one in a large enough diameter so I will have to buy either one.
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    No real difference between the two. Delrin will technically provide a tiny bit more compliance, but it's nothing you'll feel from the driver's seat. I'd also make them up so you can pull the subframe up to the body by the 10 mm the factory bushings push things down. This will help correct your rear roll center a bit.
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