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Cv shaft in/out play.

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  • Cv shaft in/out play.

    I like to know the recommended free joint play in and out to prevent bottoming out the joint.

    If the axle nut is removed I can measure the distance from a completely compressed joint to a maximum extended depending on the setup.

    Do you think 10mm is enough? Or should I aim for more?

    Camber is at 0 now. So I I need more I extend the rlca. If I need less I contract the ruca and traction rod.

    You get my point

    Please help.

    350z diff
    350z cv axles
    s14 subframe
    driftworks arms
    oem knuckle
    s14 hubs

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    What I did was leave the axle nut off while moving the suspension through it's travel to identify if the play ever went to zero. As long as the shaft has some observable amount of play at the extreme ends of suspension travel you won't "jamb" the joints. The original 240sx half-shafts are "tripod joints" which allow more axial length change than true CV joints like what comes on the 350Z.
    Don Johnson (really!)
    Just so you know.