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Thinking about going to a tubular front subframe on my race car

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  • Thinking about going to a tubular front subframe on my race car

    The only front subframe I see available is from Street Faction but it doesn't appear to be built in the name of saving weight, though it could save a little. Was looking to go tubular, would make several things on the car easier to work on as well as just be less weight on the nose. My car is built for WRL/ChampCar. Seems like I could likely shed some weight off the nose, always welcome.

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    I would think the best would be to make your own if you have the capability. That would be one of the last places I'd look to shed weight though. Down low, unsprung, behind front axle, and probably not much to be saved. Always nice to make things easier to service though!

    Are you still running the KA?

    I'd think some of the biggest weight savings on the front is in the hood. They are damn heavy. If you have the ability/time to make a plug for a mold, I'd put my efforts into that in terms of weight savings. You can make them lighter than off the shelf hoods.
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      Aren't the front subframes on an S chassis fairly light? I'm sure there's some weight to be saved, but I wouldn't think more than a few pounds unless you just gutted the structural rigidity of the piece.
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        I've always thought that tying the tension rod brackets and crossmember together as one subframe unit would be quite beneficial to chasis stiffness. I don't see much benefit to trying to save weight there though...
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