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the 240sx track eating monster from....

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  • the 240sx track eating monster from....

    I am relatively new to the whole "nissan" and "240" world. I am not really a strong supporter of these vehicles... but nissan makes some decent cars. I will always be a chevy person.

    the main problem is, is that i need a cheep track car. Something i can drive the piss out of and its okay. Run off the track, and duct-tape the fender back on. scrape the wall just for a pass, and laugh about it. just a fun car. So i started looking for 240sx's.

    I found a few 95 240sx's for about 5000-8000, that are reasonably clean... pff the interior is coming out anyways. No rust.

    As i said, I'm new to this, but i know my way around high performance cars. So i ask for some help:
    1) Bullet proof engine (rebuilt, strokers....) maybe turbo and Defiantly a cam. headers, you name it. Straight exhaust out the side. 300+hp.
    2) clutch, maybe a new transmission (depends on the current state).
    3)roll cage
    6)wheel and rubber... BIG FAT as wide as efin possible rears.
    7) seat and steering wheel... harness....
    8) Dont laugh, but a LEGIT real spoiler for the nose and back.

    Not everything will come at once, Ill probably start with the suspension and brakes, interior removal and then engine... slowly... get a feel for the car. I wanna have fun with the car. NO major engine swaps.

    big list. then i'll probably buy an LSX kit from Hinson and drop me an LS6 from an older z06 in there.... much later as a major engine swap. lol.

    recommendations? engine builders? anything...


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    Engine: I am a fan of the SR(but it is a swap) due to weight and aftermarket support.
    Clutch: I slapped a Exedy twin plate on my transmission and have had not had any tranny problems without a rebuild.
    Rollcages depend on what kind you are looking for as how well you want them built.
    Brakes: I upgraded to 300Zx rotors on my 1990 HB but learned slotted and plain rotors are the only way to go for track days as drilled crack.
    Make sure to put in an LSD 1.5
    Any good set of coilovers.
    I found 17x7 with 35mm offset will fit the front without a spacer and 17x8 with 35mm offset for the back. I bought 5Zigens FN01RC as my 4 lug limits my selection. Currently I am looking into CCW 18x12 front and 18x13 rear.
    My wing and splitter were custom made. I made the splitter myself and it just rubs coming down the corkscrew at Laguna Seca.(I really should post some pics on how I made it.)
    Joshua Fine
    1990 S13 HB SR23DET(yes it is stroked) T28 for now.
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        Originally posted by jmauld
        Seriously, for what you will have in a 240 with LSx swap, you could have a NICE C4 or a non-Z06 C5


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          as of right now... a good vette is hard to come by without importing from the states.
          besides... already been there. I just want something to drive to hell and back... and not worry too much about the car itself. Some guys at the track are going 240's for under $20,000.00 which is nice considering a decent C5 right now is about $18,500.00 or more.... not including wheels, tires, clutch, suspension, brakes (which they NEED BAD)...

          lsx swap isnt for a while.... and even if i did the LSx swap, its still pretty cheep. Cheeper and faster than a vette.

          thanks though.

          240SX_racer: thanks, more info on the SR please


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            IMO there are deals to be had for good already built 240s out there. screw building it yourself when you can save so much money on something already well modded and just improve.

            like this. edit its not awesome but has some good parts. just an example.

            or this. DEALS

            and put your own motor in it.

            Most PM answers: F 17X9 +22, R 17X9 +35


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              ^^^ What he said. I paid a little over $3000 for my car and it came with 8K worth of work done to it already with a fresh SR20 swap


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                If I may ask where are you?

                sr20(det) is what the cars came with in Japan it is a 2.0l (turbo) motor aluminum block and head compared to iron block 2.4l ka24de that came in the states (hence 240 sx)

                the motor is imported into the US in quantity so a full swap can be had for around 3K last i checked, and the best part is it all just bolts in with a few holes for intercooler piping and you're on your way.

                The Ka24de is also a great engine, it likes turbo's and has a bit more displacement so it has a wider powerband IMO
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                  +1 on location



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                    Location of the build definitely changes the parts list- at least for the engine and builder.

                    The rest of the can be bought just about anywhere, since most of it is JDM or JDM wannabe stuff.

                    front spoiler? build your own.
                    roll cage? build your own.
                    engine & transmission- depends on location. Use the rolling chassis and drop in whatever cheap reliable HP you can buy. Smallblock chevy here makes great power for cheap. not so cheap in Australia, especially when you need parts.

                    Wheels.. find stuff that fits a Mustang. They're very close in fittment to the 240, but you may need a spacer for some. I've seen up to 335 wide tires on a 240 with flared fenders, but do you want to go that far? (will you have the power and aero required to get tires that size up to temp?)

                    For an S14, 17x9 front and 17x10 rears are doable under the stock fenders with the right offset. that gives you a ton of tire on both ends for a ~2500lb car.
                    Originally posted by SoSideways
                    I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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             has all of these answers


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                        location: Canada.
                        We actually have some high end "tuner" shops here that i could ask for help as well, they probably also know of a few people selling cars.

                        I have been looking for a built 240 thats close by... no luck yet.

                        There is a shop that will do a cage for me. Brakes dont seem to be hard to come by either. I thought that you needed some sort of "special" ones, but i guess not.

                        Reasonably wide tires are fine... I'll probably just go with 10's.

                        Skipping the whole KA and SR thing is an option as well. I could easily get a stock 240 for $4000.00 or cheeper and buy the kit from Hinson for an LS6. Put the whole damn drivetrain from a z06 in the car and make a monster. But that really depends on what i can find.

                        How come all the highschool kids have all the good (decent condition, and some decent parts) 240's? NOT nice... im actually going to use it, and not load it up with pointless sound equipment and wrap it around a light post.

                        thanks. you guys have been pretty helpful... time to crack open an autotrader and look for some stuff.


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                          Do research before buying Hinson. I'm not saying not to, but they get A LOT of negative reviews. There kit also lowers the front subframe by almost half an inch.

                          Check out the Sikky Kit.


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                            Originally posted by jmauld
                            Do research before buying Hinson. I'm not saying not to, but they get A LOT of negative reviews. There kit also lowers the front subframe by almost half an inch.

                            Check out the Sikky Kit.
                            will do.
                            Found 3 shops here that have everything i need... including some awesome engine/trans like a RB26DETT with EVERYTHING minus the car for $5000.00. SO MANY PARTS...
                            I also just found a fully built 92 240sx with an SR20! which is what pretty much what i need.


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                              By "track" it seems like you mean drag strip.

                              I don't really get using these cars for that, but I guess they do pretty well in that respect.

                              I still don't really get the LSx obsession, but it's a cool motor. I think it's kinda pointless to swap out a very capable motor for one that's heavier and isn't exactly cheap to make power with. Yea yea, LSx guys love to talk about a cam, headers, whatever, whatever gets them huge power, but that stuff isn't cheap, and neither is the swap in the first place. Pretty easy to slap a turbo on a KA or whatever and crank up the boost. Grab a spare block for cheap and toss in some forged pistons and rods and it'll take 400-500 rwhp all day long.
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