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Electric Power Steering

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  • Electric Power Steering

    Well I just thought I'd create a thread on the subject as I know a bunch of people spoke about this.

    Billy mentioned something about using a denso electric power steering system that can be adjusted/self adjusted or something.

    What kind of rack will you be using Billy?

    Is this what you were talking about? I wanted to understand how it works. It basically goes between steering rack shaft and steering wheel? Has nothing to do with pushing fluid right?

    If so I was just pondering on this solution long term with the true manual custom rack I'm going with... it should be useful perhaps at just low speed stuff and then be able to turn it off when not needed or something at high speed. I have yet to experience it but just a pondering thought for others as a solution as well.

    You said you have an mr2 EPS, I've never actually touched one or seen how it works so I'm going to guess it either pushes fluid or... it goes between rack and steering wheel shaft with some kind of gears or something?

    Cars that pop to mind with EPS are mr2, s2000, nsx, now they are all well known for good steering so can't be the wrong way to do things now is it.

    Our racks and PS system on the other hand are old and poo no doubt... I am quite excited to do the cnc machined manual rack ordeal i initiated (apparently they are just being machined right now).

    The mr2 uses an "EHPS" system is that electric but pushes fluid or something? That's not what I'll need as my rack will be a true manual rack.

    How much electrical power will be necesssary on the go with this kind of system? Considering I run a race battery just pondering on different issues.

    Mind chiming in and others wana join in on a discussion to answer some questions?

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    The MR2 EPS is an electric power steering pump that replaces a mechanical power steering pump. IOW, it pushes fluid.


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      what was wrong with the post we already had titled "electric power steering" I'm confused


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        Originally posted by SoSideways
        I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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          That thing looks expensive.

          Don't want to sound like a broken record but if you are running SM at autox the steering column within the passenger compartment cannot be changed IMO.

          The denso unit would need to be in the passenger compartment it appears.


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            sorry totally didnt see the other thread existing or somehow totally forgot i dunno i just saw i posted in the other thread too :-/ Just too much work at work = brain dead.
            "hexa-dodecahedron-triple-threaded-super-eleventy-way-adjustment-spec" dampers. -Def


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              Ahmed, copy-n-paste your info over to the other one, no reason to have 2 threads on it...