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S13 weights and corner balancing

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  • S13 weights and corner balancing

    I bought my self a set of scales for Christmas so I can learn how to use them for setting up and help with tuning the suspension and see the differences made with adjustments, but I don't have anybody that I know locally to guide me through the learning process so any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated. Well I put the car on the scales to see what the car weighed in at to get an idea and a base line and I hadn't made any adjustments yet waiting till I get some more free time and clear weather but here is the weights as of today.

    LF 756 RF 755

    LR 596 RR 608

    2712 total Full tank of gas, and nothing in car (meaning cds, coffee cup, books, etc....)

    LF 810 RF 774

    LR 664 RR 628

    2876 total Same as above but with me in it.

    I have koni yellow front and rears with GC sleeves and springs with progress sway bars, sway bars were connected when I weighed. Even though the cross weight is at 50% with me in the car should the LF weight be a little lower? What have you cars weighed?

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    Well the whole car is pretty heavy... Mine weighed in under 2700lbs with 1/2 tank of gas and 250lbs of fatass driver in it. My corner weight sheets are at work in my toolbox though so I can't look at weight distribution right now.
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      That's about how mine looked when some guys let me use the weigh-in scales at a DE(didn't adjust anything obviously).

      Where are you located btw? I'd definitely be down for going in with some local guys to get a set of weights. Local places charge $350+ to corner balance a car, which is about half way towards a set of used scales.
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        I just bought them brand new for $688 shipped it had discounts for buying on x-mas. I'm not sure about how well the rate as far as scales go but they seem nice. I am in south Florida, I have a feeling this are going to make life a little easier. I only know of one person in my area that has scales but I never found out how much it was to balance, Is $350 the going rate? I thought it was going to be cheaper. Here is a link to the place were I got the scales from.

        Here is what is on my car at this time, most of the parts are from my other car I was setting up to drift and do some autocross (switching that around now) Might explain the weight this is also my DD.

        1993 base coupe
        Manuel windows and door locks
        Full interior
        Everything except jack and spare tire still in trunk
        fender liners still there
        fire blanket still on hood
        stock body panels
        Odyssey small battery in stock location

        motor and drive train:
        Sr20det red top Stock internals
        s15 BB t28
        tomei expream manifold
        z32 maf
        24x12x3 front mount intercooler
        R.A.W. Racing aluminum intake
        R.A.W. Racing Inter cooler piping
        R.A.W. Racing 3" stainless steel exhaust, down pipe, o2 elbow, 2 v band clamps, and 2 3" magnaflow mufflers.
        Spec stage 2 clutch
        Spec 16lb flywheel
        HKS DLI
        K&N air filter
        Removed egr
        Koyo aluminum radiator
        FAL dual fans and controller
        A/C system still on it
        P/S still on it
        Shaft master aluminum drive shaft
        J30 5 bolt axles
        Jdm vlsd w/4.36 gear

        Suspension Front:
        Nismo power brace
        Progress sway bar and end-links
        MA Motor-sports modified knuckles
        MA Motor-sports reinforced LCA
        Spl Ver.2 tension rods
        Spl Ver.5 Tie rod ends
        Tein S13 tie rods
        Koni yellow insert
        GC sleeves and eibach 425# springs
        Energy suspension bushings where available
        SSR 15"x7 reverse mesh
        Megan racing strut bar
        Infinity j30 front brakes and rotors
        4 lug hubs

        Suspension Rear:
        Z32 aluminum uprights w/ energy suspension bushings
        Megan racing toe, ruca, and traction rods
        Energy suspension s14 sub-frame bushings cut down 1/4" to raise sub-frame
        Z32 koni yellow shocks with tein upper mount
        GC sleeves 225# springs
        Progress sway bar and end-links
        Megan racing strut tower bar
        Stock brake calipers, and rotors
        4 lug hubs
        SSR 15"x7.5 reverse mesh


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          the car will always be LH heavy, all the good stuff is on the LH side, driver, turbo assembly, and exhaust.

          i have balanced my car with the weights i have and from talking with other racers the only way to really change that is to add ballast to the RH side and change the RH weight to more, or just deal with it.

          as long as you have 50/50 cross weights with even tire pressures your in a good zone. the LH/RH or F/R ratios can only be changed by moving weight around or flat out taking stuff out, not adjusting the suspension at all.


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            That was what I was gathering from what I was reading, wanted to make sure I was reading it right.

            Anybody have total weight to compare?


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              i do, but i have full race car.

              2850 1/2 tank of gas w/ driver.

              2630 no driver.


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                2700lbs w/ 1/2 tank and driver
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                BTW I work for Garrett


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                  At the start of the year we were at 2126 without driver but all fluids.


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                    ur car doesn't count though!
                    Originally posted by SoSideways
                    I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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                      At Pikes Peak this year we were at 2730 with all fluids and both the Driver (fat guy) and Co-driver.
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                        Thank you guys for sharing with me. In a ideal world should I try and get that 810lb corner down so there isn't that big of a difference from left to right? When I get some time I need to level the car I don't think that the heights are the same around the car.

                        How are your guys cars so light, Is it be cause they are stripped?
                        Bill That has to be a tube chassis car or cut up lol.

                        Here is a link to a car we are finishing at the shop, there is no hood and no exhaust so it is a little light right now. This car should be a blast to drive.


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                          The really important number is your cross weights. You want those to be as close to 50% as possible. The rest doesn't matter as much. If you can get the cross weights within ten pounds of each other, you will be good.

                          "Leveling" the car will change your corner weights, so start with a static height with the drivers weight in the car that allows some up and down corner adjustment.

                          Remember that everything you do will ultimately be a compromise in some manner, on a production based chassis with basically unchanged suspension pick up points.

                          I believe we had my ITA 240sx at 2670 lbs with driver, a few gallons of gas, cool suit and full cage.
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                            Bill's car doesnt count because they have cut such huge chunks of metal of the front and rear of the car.

                            Mine is heavier than the ITA car because i still have working windows and bumpers front and rear. 2650 is easily had in my car w/ driver, tho it will be more harsh on the car storage.


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                              Originally posted by VQ35goofus View Post
                              i do, but i have full race car.

                              2630 no driver.
                              Full race car? 2630 pounds? You are doing it wrong...

                              My S13 race car is at 2436 and a still have a bunch of stuff to remove/replace.

                              Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
                              At the start of the year we were at 2126 without driver but all fluids.
                              Nice! What size/thickness roll cage tubing did you use?

                              Originally posted by Matt93SE View Post
                              ur car doesn't count though!
                              It's not that crazy. I think that dry, in full race trim, 2200 pounds is a reasonable goal for an S13.