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If this happens to you(wiring harness)short test?

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  • If this happens to you(wiring harness)short test?

    If you install an SR in an S13.
    The SR came with the harness, puter and most needed components.
    You do the wiring changes all right and check them 3 times.
    It won't start.
    The igniter gets hot and then quits working.
    It might try to run a bit but won't start.
    You check the wiring again but it is all right.
    What is wrong?
    Hadn't had this problem before.

    Any guesses? If I just give you the answer, you won't remember.

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    In my friend's car the same thing happened.

    It was dead CAS. We rewired that thing 3 different times before we figured it out. Had to mcguyver together an LED test light (disassembled one of those LED headset flashlight things I got for xmas lolol) to check for signal from the CAS.


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      Sorry but no cigar.
      I was getting fire on 2 cyls.


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        Ha, so were we.


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          So I'm guessing you have fuel and it's a spark problem. I'd first check grounds, then open up the ecu and check for burnt ignition drivers.
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            Yes to fuel.
            ECU had a burn trail in it when I got involved.
            I put in a known good one but didn't help.


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              J4 harness with E5/62 ECUs?


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                Originally posted by SoSideways View Post
                J4 harness with E5/62 ECUs?
                This is my guess, too!
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                  If J4 is a Bluebird, you are correct. Wrong harness.
                  Dang you guys are good. Took me longer to figure it out.


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                    J4 is a kouki 180sx (97-98 model year). You have to swap some ignition pins to make it work on an earlier rwd det.

                    Wait, what was bluebird? A bluebird harness wouldn't have connections for a 4-chanel SR-DET ignitor. A bluebird ECU would plug in to a rwd harness, though. They're basically the same as an S13 KA24DE ecu.

                    FYI, you could run all bluebird stuff if you used a distributor.
                    She's built like a Steakhouse, but she handles like a Bistro.


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                      I only know of the J4 harness with E5/62 ECU debacle because I actually had a J4 harness and E5 ECU.

                      Took my harness guy sometime, but he figured it out, and he swapped the pins out for me when I first got my car running.

                      I didn't know what was up back then, but I know what's up now lol


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                        I found the AEM pin readouts for an S13 and one for a Bluebird. The Bluebird one seemed to match the one we had. It doesn't have all of the coil outputs, as I see it. I know for a fact it will kill igniters. The tach feed to the puter is swapped with a coil output for one thing. Most of the pins are similar but there are 5 or 6 that are totally different. Change those and it MIGHT work. Not sure if everything else is wired the same (engine and body plugs).


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                          On the J4 harness, IIRC, only cyl 1's coilpack pin is right where it needs to be. Cyls 2, 3 and 4 are not, so those have to be relocated.

                          The O2 sensor wires might need to be switched too, depending on whether you have the E5 or 62 ECUs.

                          Other than that, I don't think there were any other pins that need moved.

                          Been a long time since I've looked at it, so I might be missing something.

                          Epstein should chime in if I'm missing something or wrong on something