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Data aquisition setup?

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  • Data aquisition setup?

    I am thinking of going with a racepak IQ3, anyone use that or any others?

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    I like the the race technology stuff. they have a decent package deal on the dl1 and dash. plus you can always add more stuff (video) to it later.

    just more options imo. 20hz gps where you can get it.

    i like both but have no experience with either, but i really want to know which you pick and what its like. so keep us updated.

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      I will, hopefully some others with experience chime in.


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        I'm pretty happy with my Racelogic Performancebox. It was affordable and very easy to use. 10Hz GPS reciever. It is also easily swapped from one car to another.
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          race technology ftw!

          best bang for buck, decent software
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            What kind of data are you guys recording? (besides GPS)

            For engine parameters and such I use a DLP-IO8-G 8 channel usb data acquisition cable, plugged into my Laptop (running Nistune) and nistune logs it's inputs as well If I desire.

            I'm sure it could handle any suspension or steering linear measurements aswell, I'm not sure how GPS data gets logged and that may well be the reason this doesn't replace far more expensive options, (I paid $30.00 from

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              The reason I like the Racepak is there interface with video, check oput this link:
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                that is pretty cool.

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                  just got an email for 10% off race tech stuff. on lpi, i got pads from them once.

                  1. 10% off Race Technology Products - Offer available for in-stock items only.
                  -DL1 Data Logger
                  -Dash2 Display
                  -Dash 3 Lite Display
                  -DL1 / Dash 2 Package
                  -DL1 / Dash 3 Lite Package
                  (Coupon Code: RTDEC09)

                  2. $20 off orders over $200 and up
                  (Coupon Code: XMAS20)

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                    DL1 is good!

                    I've used the 10Hz 2G DL1 for 2 seasons now.

                    So far just been hooking it up in various cars with no other sensors attached. This gives you plenty of information to digest with the track map, lat, long G's and speed with fully configurable math channels.

                    The plan is to add a Dash 2 and permanently wire it in with all the basic driver input standard channels once the race car build is in progress.

                    The value of the Dash 2 is that it is about the same price as buying quality electronic individual gauges but it is simpler to install and has many more features and capabilities saving you money and dash space in the long run.

                    I primarily got the DL1 because due to the "gyro" option to measure slip angle for drifting. The drift angle works OK (calculates based on GPS speed, GPS heading, and yaw rate from accelerometer which is as good as it gets without dual accelerometers and dual GPS offered by the OEM level RTK kit). The issue is I haven't found out how to keep the reading from dropping down to 0 in the middle of long drifts where the yaw has stopped and you're just sitting there at angle.

                    It is high quality and has pro level software plus the DL3 dash has some of the best specs on the market. It also has full upgrade paths to add the dash displays and integrated video with up to 4 channels.

                    Race Technology also has good user support, documentation, and a nice Knowledge Base which is a good thing because the software and UI can be a bit unintuitive and steps to add senors and such pretty complicated.

                    It's a quality unit with full 100Hz 13 channel logger. The hardware still uses the older serial port and CF memory cards. CF is used because "We use compact flash cards formatted as FAT32. Compact flash format was chosen, as it is available in the largest sizes of all removable media and is also the fastest" I just use a CF reader to download the log files and don't bother with the serial port.

                    Race Technology stuff is on the expensive side.

                    For simpler and more compact you could check out the new AIM Smarty Cam -

                    Also - MaxQ and AXAnalyst are popular in the AutoX community and very affordable.

                    Stack has been coming out with some really cool new products.

                    Stack Motorsport products at a glance - Data Logging, dash displays, tachometers, gauges and video systems. Stack is a world-leading supplier to motorsport and automotive customers worldwide.

                    I'm especially digging their TPMS setup.

                    ChaseCam now has a 10 channel system that integrates with their video nicely. -

                    A lot of people seem to use the AIM stuff -

                    I'd look for something that fits your budget and needs but allows you to expand later to the features you'll want down the road.

                    Also do a mini test drive by downloading the software and getting some sample data files to play with and compare. A big differentiation between the good systems and ok systems is the usability and features of the data analysis software.
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                      That's an S-load of info, thank you!


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                        My shop uses the AIM sports in our cars, but only experienced them. Been told DL1 is awsome though.