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  • Bump Steer Question

    Since the ball joint mount angle points towards the top of the strut and the tie rod end hole is vertical, when you extend these they don't go at the same angle to each other.
    Is it correct that this would accentuate the bump steer?

    The way I understand bump steer is that the pivot points for the lower control arm and tie rod need to be the same to reduce or eliminate it. They don't start exactly the same and extending them puts them farther apart because the ball joint would go away from the car and the tie rod end would go vertical.

    If this theory is correct, why couldn't someone cut the bottom of a spindle off, including the tie rod arm, and simply weld it on the bottom of another spindle to lower both attachment points the same, though at what angle I'm not sure? There is lots of room to weld and it is cast steel so welding shouldn't be a problem.


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    It's the arc the pivots travel through that matters. The difference in the change of arc length with respect to bump/droop travel is what gets you bumpsteer.

    The angle of the bolts attaching those pivots doesn't matter.
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