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    What do you guys use for tires at the track on your 240's

    My only experience is using Hoosier R6 in a 275/40-17 but I was driving a mustang

    For my car i don't want to spend 1000+ on tires so i want to hear opinions
    Im looking at a 245/40-17 and 245/45-17 depending on track i'll change the tires size a little.

    Tires i've found, DOT slicks
    Hoosier R6
    Hoosier A6
    Kumho V710-cheapest
    BFG R1- heard its hard to get heat in them on a light car

    how much of an advantage is a full blown slick compared to a R compound street tire such as
    Nitto NT05 and NT01
    Falken Azenis 615
    Kumho ku36

    The price on the steet compounds is around the same or even a little cheaper and im assuming they will last longer but how much grip would be sacrificed?

    any tires info is greatly appreciated
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    What do you plan on doing with the car?
    DE days? time trials? W2W racing?

    Unless you're really racing for time/points, then I woudln't fork out the extra cash for the R6 or equivalent.
    If you're just starting into DEs and whatnot, then stick with a good street tire like Kumho MX, NT05, Azenis, etc.
    If you're running in more advanced DE groups, then the RA-1, R888, NT01 and such are probably your best bet.

    A lot of it depends on your driving experience, pockets, and how fast you wanna go. Timewise, you'll see roughly 3-4 sec per lap on a 1.5-2 mile track between street tires and the lower line of DOT-Rs. you'll get another second or so out of Hoosiers and such. But the price goes up pretty quick too. That's also assuming you're consistently driving the car to the limit of the tires- which is not the case unless you've been doing DEs for a couple years.

    All that said, I buy R888 and RA-1 take-offs for about $75 a tire. They usually last me 3-4 track events, even with a co driver. So expect to spend about $100 per event on tires if you go to a DOT-R compound.
    Originally posted by SoSideways
    I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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      There is a tire forum...


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        I like the NT05's for the street. Never had them on the track but I've heard nothing but good things about them.

        NT01's can be shaved down to a slick.


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          Originally posted by Longfellow View Post
          I like the NT05's for the street. Never had them on the track but I've heard nothing but good things about them.

          NT01's can be shaved down to a slick.
          I agree on the NT05's as a choice if you don't want to deal with 2 pairs of tires, or the kumho XS.

          I Don't see why you would want to shave the NT01's though... they don't need it and there's no contigency money involved in open track days to warrant spending the extra money to drop a few 10ths off your lap times and life off the tire.


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            I'm just saying it can be done to offer a little more dry grip. I wouldnt do it personally, but that just shows you what kinda of tire it is. Its pretty popular in the RLTA Series.


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              I love my nt01s... didn't like my falken azenis rt-615
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                I absoultely hate my nt05! So far.....1500+- miles on street and they are noisy. I am tolerant of road noise but this is ridiculous. It is louder than most All terrain 35's! This season came to a close when I bought these so no track time so far.
                255 Front
                275 Rear

                I would buy my predecessor tires.
                Direzza Z1 Star specs. Very compliant dual purpose tire. Most confident tire i've experience in rain. I'm talking about sheets of rain. You can keep up with nearly all with r compound guys if your a good driver. *especially those w/o driver tuning*



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                  eeh, u cant have it all... u gotta compromise ya know.

                  You would love how noisy my car is LOL.... but fun
                  "hexa-dodecahedron-triple-threaded-super-eleventy-way-adjustment-spec" dampers. -Def


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                    Ron, pull them off and sell them to me


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                      NT-05's are not nearly as loud as RT615's. But they are stiff as fu*k and are probably one of the harshest road tires you can buy. Side walls are retarded stiff.

                      NT05's are also really good in the rain on the street from my experience. I've been running 255-40-17's daily for the last 6 months.


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                        Looking to buy tires, so I'm bumping this old thread.

                        In contention are Z1 Star Specs or NT-05s. Sizes I'm looking at are 235/40/17, 255/40/17 (stock fendered s13). NT-05 are ~$50 cheaper. I'm guessing it's pretty much a wash in terms of lifespan for either tire, and grip. Azenis are a lot cheaper but rather go with the 'newer-tech' tires.

                        Just pick one and go with it? Or strong arguments for/against either one?


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                          I have a set of new 255/40/17 Azenis that I'm trying to sell. I'm willing to make a good deal on these, so send me an offer if you’re (or anyone else) interested.


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                            I'm pretty undecided on 235 or 245 (on 8"wheel). But I'm pretty sure I'm going with the star specs, last a long time, cheap, and should be ok for entry lvl DEs and street driving. And autox till i swap to 5 lug and get wider wheels


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                              ^Yeah, that's basically where I'm at.

                              I might get 245s for the front, but that will require messing with ride height and whatnot and I don't know if I want to fuss with it