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HICAS ball joint

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  • HICAS ball joint

    My rear HICAS ball joints are toast and I have extra Energy Suspension bushings I'd like to replace them with. I could get the ball joints for 45 bucks a piece but I figured the ES option would be better and cheaper.

    Would a pittman puller work on this ball joint? I took the c-clip off and tried lightly hitting it with a hammer but it didn't budge. How do I get this thing out?

    Here's what's going in after I get the ball joint out. I'll be cutting the bushing in half to get it in. Any thoughts?
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    If they keep wearing out you can always go with some spherical COM bearings from Midwest Control Products. Looks like the ~30mm diameter bushings like all the others. Then you just need a balljoint shank, which are for some reason not that common, but I imagine they're out there somewhere.
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