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T3 75mm steering wheel spacer

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  • T3 75mm steering wheel spacer

    Get it

    Just got mine I know people were telling me to bring the seat closer, but in my case my legs get cramped (even with the fact I took so much stuff around the dash). Couldn't heel & toe and the legs were too bent.

    It's a world of difference... all I had to do was sand the plated part so there is a ground contact for the horn, extend wire and the personal horn itself wouldn't fit so I had to chop off the lil side fitting tabs and then it fit.

    Honestly I wish it was even a bit closer, it's so much easier to rotate the wheel and feels safer too, my sitting position feels more upright/straight yet comfortable, the shifter feels more accessible too, while having so much leverage on the wheel and my shoulders are pushed into the shoulder pads of the seat. It feels just right. I worthwhile inexpensive item that makes a significant driver feel difference.

    Only down side is the washer and turn signal is pretty far now that i have to actually briefly take the hand off the wheel.

    I know there was a link somewhere on here with someone selling even a 100mm version but I couldn't find it and just bought the T3 75mm cause whatever I googled was only 10-20mm which is useless.

    I know it's nothing that special but I thought I'd share this, it's a worthwhile inexpensive 'upgrade' for driver feel...
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    Also, how tall are you?


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      Nah I didn't take pictures, I should, although I'm putting car away in a week

      Basically its combined with NRG short hub + NRG 1.5 quick release + T3 75mm spacer + 330mm personal neo grinta steering wheel.

      I'm 6'2 (or 6'3 apparently? I have to go on a measuring thing to confirm)
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        I love the steering wheel position with my normal height hub + 50 mm spacer. I can sit at a moderately reclined position and still have full use of the controls with no reaching. Stock seating positions force people to get used to sitting bolt upright in a car, which is really uncomfortable for me and just feels weird.
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          ^Yea, I think with my slim nrg hub that probably works itself out to be what we both effectively end up with having.

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          I got the red one and again I gotta say its one of those simple, not that expensive but effective lil things to get that make you enjoy your car more.
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            Hmm, nice. I'm 6'3.5" and I'm always hitting my legs on the wheel.


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              sniff i miss my 240... its been like more than a month now i guess that i put her away.

              Speaking of lack of space... i hate my volvo 850... gigantic truck like steering wheel.... truck like seat that feels like a kitchen chair.... and barely any room for the legs. If I move back the steering wheel feels sooo far away (very evident after switching from the 240)... so i moved forward.... however then there is NO WAY i can heel & toe in the volvo... knee hits the steering column lol...
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