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  • Gauge suggestions?

    I've got a dilemma.

    Currently I'm running the following monitors:

    1. Mechanical boost (analog).
    2. Electronic boost - the readout on my Greddy EBC.
    3. Oil pressure (analog)
    4. Water temp - Pivot fan controller
    5. Oil temp - Pivot fan controller

    Here's the issue: the oil temp sender for my Pivot readout has failed, and I've thus far been unable to find a replacement. While my car is really a street car, I'd still like to be able to monitor the oil temp. Right now I have the boost controller and fan controller next to the radio, while the boost and oil pressure gauges are on the A-pillar.

    I could do away with the fan controller (switch to a DiF unit or similar), use my PowerFC commander to monitor water temp, and get an oil temp gauge, but this creates a new problem, namely gauge placement. I've had the gauges in the center stack above the radio, I've had them in the center vent only to find that I really don't want to live without the center vent, and now on the A-pillar. I'd love to relocate the climate controls and put gauges there but I wouldn't know how to do it or where to put them.

    So, I'm looking for some brainstorming. I'm hoping to locate a temp sender and make this whole discussion moot, but if I can't I'm going to need to come up with a solution. My best idea is to get an oil temp gauge and a DiF fan controller, ditch the pivot, put the oil temp and oil pressure on the A-pillar, use the Commander for water temp and the boost controller for boost, but I don't much like the Greddy EBC readout. This would mean a lot of re-arranging and expense too.

    Any suggestions welcome.
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    I recommend just using a Race Technology Dash 2.

    There is a decent deal on Race Technology Dash 2 and DL1 on right now for $1369.
    Cory B.

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      Great idea. Unfortunately, way too expensive for me. I prefer a look as close to OEM as possible anyway...
      1990 S13, SR-swapped "Budget Baller" - gone down the road...


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        Originally posted by Cory
        I recommend just using a Race Technology Dash 2.

        There is a decent deal on Race Technology Dash 2 and DL1 on right now for $1369.
        ooooooo i so want to wip the credit card out for that. I helped them make the software work with the aem ems and i so badly want one. someday

        mount cups on the dash, thats what i did. you can see them in my video's.

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          Speaking of the Race Tech dash. Does anyone have experience with the Race Tech vs an AIM or MyChron etc?


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            I've tried to find real good opinions of someone who has used both, if you find one let me know.

            Aim requires the pista to get GPS. race tech has fairly old software but it works. i guess it mostly depends on what you want. for me i want it to interface with the aem ems partly to get some data. both do it but both work differently. i'd say the aim is more aem friendly. i've heard great things about the software for setting up the guage from a local tuner. with race tech to log it has to go through the DL1, which can be a big headache. race tech has a good bit of how too's and knowledge forum that aim doesn't.

            there is also racepak but getting it to work with the aem seems odd. Its been a long time since I researched everything so i could be off on some things plus some things might have changed.

            the mychron stuff was mainly for karts but could be used on cars, the display is just real small.

            some others to consider.
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              If I went with a digital dash it would have to work with the PowerFC.

              I might mount cups on the dash, but I'm not a big fan of it, unless I could figure a way to make them removable. I'm also looking into a suction mount for the windshield, and trying to figure how I might get 2-3 gauges mounted that way.
              1990 S13, SR-swapped "Budget Baller" - gone down the road...


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                [cough] center vent [/cough]


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                  Yeah yeah. Tried it once, didn't like it much. What we need is for the S13 to have just... one... more... DIN slot. Then we'd be golden.

                  Carbontrix makes a dual pod and a triple pod that can mount to the dash, or to the windshield (with double-stick tape). Thinking about that right now. SCC did it with Project Silvia, but it's not especially stealth.
                  1990 S13, SR-swapped "Budget Baller" - gone down the road...


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                    Not the best location but Roof mount?

                    Yes this one is mounted on the windshield


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                      I actually thought about that. The wiring wouldn't be too bad, run up the A-pillar, but I don't think I want to take my eyes that far off the road. At least on the center dash they'd be roughly on the same plane as the stock speedo/tach etc.
                      1990 S13, SR-swapped "Budget Baller" - gone down the road...


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                        If you dont want to go the full dash route but desire having access to lots of info I would go with the Defi Link Display. This way you can cycle between the most important gauges and have warnings for others. Other than that do two on the A-Pillar and then buy really small ones and do a triple in a DIN slot.


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                          Have you looked into the ATi ePod?
                          That is what I would go with if/when I get gauges..

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                            These are mine:

                            Pyro has been replaced with AEM wideband, and I am swapping out the water temp gauge for oil temp, but the placement isn't changing. Also, for the boost gauge mounted on the column I replaced the flat metal bracket with a greddy bracket that blocks less of the speedo.


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                              I put my gauges where the radio used to be as well. Not the best location though. I suppose it's not bad when you have the peak hold feature on your gauges.