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URGENT s13 rear swaybar d bushing metal brackets

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  • URGENT s13 rear swaybar d bushing metal brackets

    Does the nissan dealership carry these? Part number?

    Just the rear swaybar d bushing metal brackets taht hold the bushing to the car.

    I need that to mount the rear swaybar. I wana do it asap before tomorrow afternoon's track day... I have a frickin swaybar, endlinks, d bushings but no d bushing brackets

    "hexa-dodecahedron-triple-threaded-super-eleventy-way-adjustment-spec" dampers. -Def

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    Grab some steel and get to work then...
    Between rides...unless you count a WD21...


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      No time now and lol im at work
      "hexa-dodecahedron-triple-threaded-super-eleventy-way-adjustment-spec" dampers. -Def


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        Are the fronts and rears the same brackets. Maybe stupid question but I have someone offering the front metal brackets which he says fit the rear (shape wise) but he is not sure about holes.

        let me know so I can grab them and go from there...
        "hexa-dodecahedron-triple-threaded-super-eleventy-way-adjustment-spec" dampers. -Def


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          front and rear brackets are different. sway bars are a different diameter. run it without a sway bar if you have to. not the end of the world.


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            I broke a D-bracket once and replaced it with a pipe/ conduit clamp. It held up for a while until a new one came in. Not sure if I'd suggest it for both sides, though.

            A piece of 1/8" steel, a hammer, bench vise, and a step drill (or appropriate bit) would be better, though.