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    I'm in desperate need of a new clutch, with the Toledo ProSolo only 2 weeks away (July 25-26). I'm looking for something that can handle a lot of abuse, including consecutive drag start launches with 315's and near 400 rwtq, as well as sustained high-rpm use banging off the rev-limiter. I'm pretty set on a twin disc, although feel free to suggest something cheaper :P

    Right now my options are:

    - Exedy: In stock and the second most expensive.
    - Competition Clutch: In stock and the second cheapest.
    - SPEC: 72hr. build time + shipping. No guarantee I'll get it in time, but it's the cheapest clutch.
    - Clutch Masters: Most expensive, longest build time.

    I'm leaning towards the Competition Clutch, because I can get it quick and it's $200 cheaper than the Exedy twin disc. I've heard mixed things about it though, with one source refusing to sell me one stating that I'd just complain about it later. Any comments, thoughts, or experience for or against Competition Clutch (or if Exedy is worth the extra price) would be greatly appreciated.

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    Just to throw another option in there, you might give South Bend clutch a ring and see if they can help out. They're pretty good with oddball stuff and meeting a customer's specific requirements.

    What about ACT as well? You can pretty much pick and choose your pp and disc combo from them anymore.
    Originally posted by SoSideways
    I don't care what color they are as long as they are LONG AND HARD.
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      I have always had good luck with ACT clutches.


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        I'm so happy with my Exedy Stage 2. It's going to take a lot for me to go with another company if I ever need another clutch.


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          I would be happy with my exedy stage 2 if I didn't have a 10lb flywheel to go with it.

          It's chattery.

          I would call South Bend and see what they can do for you.


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            Most puck style discs are going to be chattery, but who cares? You need something that will stand up to the ProSolo starts. A friend of mine runs a small (something like a 6"-8") multi-disc set up in his CSP Miata and is quite happy with it. It's more like a on-off switch and not really streetable...are trailering your car?


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              I trailer the car to the long distance events, although I street drive it to Regional stuff. It'll soon be a trailered-only car, as I just got permission to store the trailer at my apartment, so now I just need a beater truck that can tow 6000 lbs (car + trailer + gear).

              I don't care as much about chatter and noise, as long as it's not breaking :P I think we're pretty much sold on a multi-disc as well. Does South Bend do twin disc setups?


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                Originally posted by Bumnah
                I'm so happy with my Exedy Stage 2. It's going to take a lot for me to go with another company if I ever need another clutch.
                Likewise. I didn't like it at first but after switching to my Z32 tans it feels great now. Don't ask how because I have no idea. I'm running a Fidanza lightweight flywheel BTW.
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                  My Exedy stage 2 with the four puck cerametallic sprung hub held 480lbs ft launches for quite a while. I was on MXs though...

                  I think it will work for you...
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                    I'm running a Cusco 9.xx lbs flywheel as well. Very pleased.


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                      I ended up buying the Competition Clutch Twin Plate. The reasoning is pretty simple:

                      All the faster cars are doing it.

                      Do I really need any other justification? Anyways, I'm hoping this clutch will be a bit more durable, sap less power (lower rotational inertia), and allow harder/ faster launches. There's also the fact that my power goals are nearly twice as high as they currently are (I'm thinking with a good build, 450 rwhp or 500 rwtq [whichever comes first] should be my goals). The only real compromises are cost and streetability, and realistically this is a racecar.


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                        so what's the new weak point in the drive train? z32 trans in your future? i guess you'd have to change to a different clutch.
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                          I thought the Z32 tranny input shaft was similar to the KA/SR/Z33?


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                            maybe i'm wrong. i can't say i've put in much time or research on the subject (or any at all). mazworx's site doesn't say anything about a clutch with their kit so maybe you're right.


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                              The list of clutches said to work with the KA tranny is pretty extensive, according to various sources (from KA-T to FA to NICO):

                              - SR (same tranny, diff bellhousing, uses a specific SPEC flywheel)
                              - 350z (with RB20 flywheel)
                              - 280z (D21 flywheel)
                              - Z31 Turbo ((D21 flywheel)
                              - D21 (White Bunny Remake)
                              - Z32 Turbo (White Bunny Special, custom flywheel (?))