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Energy Suspension steering rack bushings

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  • Energy Suspension steering rack bushings

    Anyone install these on their s13? The one closest to the steering shaft (funny D shape) is leaving a gap larger than the bolt can span with the urethane in place. I tried to compress it as much as possible but its a no go. What am I missing?

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    I just talked to ES, the kit may not fit a car that has hicas. Anyone heard of this? That would imply that the hicas and non-hicas front racks are dimensionally different...not possible right? People swap them all the time.
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      It's been a while since I did the bushings. My memory is failing. I apologize before hand if I give you bad information. I *THINK* I put my ES bushings on top of my OEM rubber bushing and tightened it down. I either did that, or it fit perfectly.

      If push does come to shove, you can return your ES bushings and purchase the SPL units. Kuah ships you 3 bushings. 1 of the bushings is universal (used on both s13 and s14), then you have one s13 specific bushings, and 1 s14 specific bushing. Use the appropriate one. It's only $10 for the set. I had an extra set sitting around, but sadly I sold it a few weeks back.

      Again, I may be giving wrong information. But, I think ES only makes s14 bushings and they sell them as both S13 and S14 bushings. I can be completely wrong, it's been years since I looked at my steering rack bushings.

      Good luck!


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        ES called back and said I might need to take a dremel to all the edges, outer, and inside faces to slim it up a bit. Did that and it worked.


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            Glad you got this sorted out...

            FWIW here's my experience:
            I bought a set for my S14 (sold as working with S13 or S14) and it came with 2 different "pointed" bushings. one for the S13 and the other for the S14... the S13 one was quite thin compared to the S14 one.

            ensuring that everything was lined up properly was key to getting rid of the gap on the bracket. I also had to go back and forth between the two bolts tightening a few threads at a time to ensure that things didn't shift around on me as tightening one side down completely without doing the other would cause the rack to twist and the bushing to bind.

            I would suspect that I had a much easier time installing this than most since my engine was out at the time.


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              I just installed a new rack (old one was punched by a rod when I blew the other engine). My driver's side bushing is an S13 bushing, so I'm pretty sure there isn't a difference. The S14 bushings weren't out when I bought it, although now I might have to order a new set just to get the passenger side bushing (unless someone bought an S13 set and has an S14 pass. side spare, PM me now!).

              I did notice that without the steering column bolted into the rack, the driver's side bushing doesn't do all that much to keep the rack from rotating. The rack would twist when I was cranking on the tie rods, and I had to tighten up the yoke to the column to get tie rods off. There's probably a slightly different rotation in each car, so when installing new bushings, it may help to loosen up the yoke from the column.