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S14 KA24de Trans. Shifting Question??

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  • S14 KA24de Trans. Shifting Question??

    I have a manual trans S14 & was curious to know if you guys have experienced the same thing i have with my s-chassis car; I noticed when trying to speed shift between
    first to second & third there is more gear engagement feel through shifter, not so much a grinding type feel but almost as if the syncro & loose gear just bearlly match speeds. I spoke to a couple people in passing & they said they have driven various S-chassis cars & experienced the same thing.

    Is this normal ????

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    It's just worn syncro's, a simple rebuild will fix it...

    AMS GL4 Trans Oil will also smooth it up quite abit...


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      It may be more time-effective to simply source another transmission and swap it in.

      My transmission gives me problems when I don't flat shift or shift very quickly. My last one did too. Both have had MT-90 since I owned them.
      Cory B.

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        Originally posted by KA240SX808 View Post
        It's just worn syncro's, a simple rebuild will fix it...

        AMS GL4 Trans Oil will also smooth it up quite abit...
        just buy an other tranny.
        For me the only problem with my tranny is the gear ratio is too short


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          I agree that, worn synchro's can cause this butthecar only has 43k
          original miles on driveline & has never been abused the only thing i remember having was a B&M short shifter for about 3months & then i removed it for the same reason & to not put any more wear on synchros

          I also run Redline MT-90 GL-4 fluid

          at work i recall Porsche's having the same problem & it was fixed by using a special lube on clutch disc splines & input shaft; the problem was that the clutch disc would hang up on flywheel just enough to cause a very notchy gear engagement like the one i am referring to, this of course, verifying that all else is good.

          I have a new factory clutch & i remember using Redline moly grease on splines as well as adjusting the pedal as per the Service Manual. The slave is new (Nismo)

          the only other difference in driveline mods is the rearend has a Quaife & different ring & pinion 4.36

          any ideas ???