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S13 ES bushing install question

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  • S13 ES bushing install question

    I Done with the front and I have the rear suspension completely removed and all the rubber bushings burned/scraped out.

    I am trying to install the new ES bushings in the rear arms but it is not going in; am I suppose to remove the small outer metal ring on all the arms?
    The instructions specify that the outer rings need to be removed on the LCA but it doesn't specify anything about the 3 upper arms...

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    If there are sleeves from the old bushings, then yes, they need to be pressed/cut out.

    The way I got those out in the past was to stick a hacksaw blade through the hole and cut two grooves about 3/8" apart almost all the way through the sleeve. Then use a cold chisel (or old flat head screwdriver) and a hammer to peel that 3/8" chunk inward.. kinda like an inside-out banana.

    After you get the sliver about 3/4 of the way pounded out, the bushing will usually deform enough and pop out the bottom. voila.

    The first few will be a PITA, but I've gotten it down to about 5 min per bushing now.

    Other people have removed them with air chisels and whatnot, but I'd be worried about FUBARing the arm given what I've seen my air chisel do to the other things I'd used it on.
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      Thanks for the clarification!
      I really hope I can finish installing all my bushing tomorrow!